Omg, filming for the new season of The Crown is happening right now on St Andrews’ campus

75 per cent of my personality trait is being able to say I’m mature enough to watch The Crown x


There is something truly patriotic about spending a Sunday hanging out of your arse, snacking on Dairy Milk choccy yoghurts and binge watching royal drama. The Crown truly is my little slice of heaven, if you will. I’m constantly on edge over what’s about to happen next, even though I know exactly what’s coming, and that satisfies me in a way that men never will.

That’s why it’s mega that filming for the sixth and final season of The Crown is underway at St Andrews University, where both the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, have also been spotted recently.

It’s old news that St Andrew’s is the famous love spot where Prince William and Kate Middleton met, and likely the real reason why most of you chose to study there. How’s that love life working out for you, eh?

Along with actors Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey chosen to play young Will and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have been spotted casually walking around St Andrew’s campus, after greeting crowds on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on Friday of last week.

The royal couple were also seen checking out the set for the show, looking suitably dressed for the weather, despite the sunshine. The Duchess sported a matching grey scarf and gloves, while Prince Edward even wore matching tweed. So cute!! If there’s one thing the royals emanate, it’s class. Most of the royals, anyway.

Poeple have shared footage of another filming location, with one TikTok captioned “Watch The Crown be filmed on my uni campus” showing footage of Meg and Ed running out of a cinema on North Street. Fake paparazzi even snap away at them as they cross the road and later on, another filming location is shared showing crowds of extras being encouraged to cheer as a car flies past carrying fake Will and Kate.

St Andrews students have also posted videos on TikTok of the actors in the uni buildings, with one video that has 1.4 million views showing Ed walking through the doors of a uni building with a rucksack, grinning. It’s captioned “pov: they’re filming season six of the crown at your uni”, with commenters praising the casting agents for Ed’s likeliness to Prince William, saying they “need a raise”. Someone else commented: “They blocked off the library while I was studying in it”. A small price to pay, it’s The bloody Crown, people!

It seems that despite the hundreds of thousands of you that have liked the videos, some of you anti-royalists just can’t be tamed. One girl even called the ordeal “tedious” after filming supposedly caused roads and even a Tesco to close. Another individual, fuelled by birthday scale rage, complained “Molly’s being shut down on my bday, get fucked”. There are other pubs, love. Hundreds of them.


If the lighting is looking extra good in seaosn 6 of The Crown just know it was coming from my bedroom x #thecrown #thecrownseason6 #standrews #standrewsuni #willandkate #theroyals

♬ son original – Armance (Taylor’s version)

This season of The Crown is to be the final one and is to follow the story of how the Duke and Duchess of Wales came to be. The series will reenact the love story between the royal pair from the late ’90s to early 2000s and is likely to be even more popular among younger generations, being familiar to many of us.

Meg, who plays Kate, is only 19, while Ed, casted to play Will, is only a few years senior at 22. That makes me feel truly unaccomplished. Anyway, we’re still waiting on an official drop date for the new series but fingers crossed for a late 2023 premier. I might take up knitting until then.

See all the TikToks of the filming on St Andrews’ campus here:

Featured image via @synasingh, @gmuney and @bellizelli on TikTok.

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