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Face masks now mandatory in more public spaces as rules tighten in Scotland

We now have to wear them in corridors and other communal places

St Andrews students urged not to go home or on holiday over reading week

The University said ‘this isn’t a request to observe a lockdown’

Scotland is reportedly going into a two-week lockdown ‘at 7pm on Friday’

Minister Nicola Sturgeon could be set to announce a ‘circuit-breaker lockdown’

St Andrews Principal says students not liable to pay course fees up to 10 weeks

Students can also cancel their accommodation contracts without notice

BREAKING: Today there were nine new cases of coronavirus at St Andrews Uni

Yesterday the Principal said there had been 12 cases since the start of September

PSA: Scottish students can terminate their rent contracts due to coronavirus

You can give seven or 28 days notice depending on your circumstances

Scottish uni students are now being banned from going to the pub

No more blueberry mojitos from The Saint

Four new Covid cases confirmed at St Andrews after halls party in Freshers’ Week

Over 40 St Andrews students are having to isolate after the illegal party