Will and Kate are hosting an exclusive viewing party of The Crown for St Andrews students

A student from each course at the university will be chosen at random

Kensington Palace has announced that Will and Kate will be hosting an exclusive viewing for a select few St Andrews students when season six airs later this year.

Prince William and Kate Middleton met and fell in love whilst they were both studying at the historic and world renowned Scottish university. Now, their fairytale romance is being immortalised in the sixth and final season of Netflix’s The Crown.

In order to commemorate their time at the university, the Prince and Princess of Wales will host a private screening of the first episode for 43 current St Andrews students at their residence in Kensington Palace.

A single student from all 43 degrees taught at the university will be selected at random and contacted via their university email with an invite a month before the release of the new season which is expected to drop later this year. They will be given just 24 hours to accept and confirm their attendance to the screening before a different student is selected.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said: “Kensington Palace is pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princes of Wales, are extending an invitation to 43 students from St Andrews University to a private viewing of the final season of the critically acclaimed series, The Crown.

“The screening will take place at Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Prince and Princess, and will provide a unique opportunity for the students to watch the season finale alongside members of the royal family. Their Royal Highnesses are delighted to share this experience with the students, who attend the same university where they first met, and hope that it will be a memorable and enjoyable evening for all.”

Earlier this semester, St Andrews students were awash with excitement as actors took over the university campus to film for the final instalment of the show. One student even documented how she was paid £50 by producers after camera crew took over her room and filmed out her window in an attempt to secure the perfect shot.

When asked whether he would accept the invite if given the chance, first year geography student Sam Jenkins told The Tab: “I never check my uni email so I know that even if I am selected I won’t see the email in time. And you know what I won’t even be mad because it will just serve me right.”

Megan, a first year international relations student who actually lives in the same room William did in St Salvator’s Hall, said: “I know it says selected at random but I better get chosen, I live in Wills’ old room and feel like we really have a connection even though we’ve never met. It’s only fair.”

Studying a Master’s in classics, Avril Mason shared a similar sentiment: “The only reason I chose to study at St Andrews was because of its connection to the royals. I’m in my final year now and still haven’t found my prince charming but an invite to the screening would make up for it.”

You might wanna check the date, you April Fools x

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