‘I have become so desensitised’: Molly-Mae claps back to even more online trolls

A commenter called her ‘shallow, vacuous and useless’

Molly-Mae has responded to a troll who called her a “thick materialistic fat cow.”

Posting comments to her Instagram story, she said she had become “desensitised” to hateful comments written about her.

The comment came after Molly posted a photo with the caption: “I’ve lost my iPhone 11+ the 8+ quality really doesn’t hit the same. I hate it.”

via Instagram (@mollymaehague)

The comment sent in reply read: “Oh poor you, you spoilt brat. There are more important problems in this world. People are suffering to a much higher degree.

“You are so SHALLOW, VACUOUS and USELESS to society. Thick materialistic FAT cow.”

Posting a screenshot to her story, she wrote: “My DMs are honestly so wild you know. I genuinely have become so desensitised to reading this kind of stuff.”

Molly-Mae’s Instagram story

She later wrote: “All good over here guys, don’t worry.”

Molly-Mae has been the victim of a high level of internet trolling, after a photo of her published in The Daily Mail early this month prompted several fat-shaming comments.

Hasty comments left underneath the articles described the 21-year-old as “lardy” and out of shape.”

“I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments?” Molly-Mae wrote on Twitter. “Like how can you actually write shit like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”

The Love Island runner-up later revealed in a vlog she wore a swimming costume on holiday with her boyfriend Tommy Fury to prevent paparazzi taking more photos of her.

“They come on jet skis, they come on boats and you don’t see them, even thought I look out for them all the time and I’m cautious about it,” she says in the video.

“But yeah, so we need to find somewhere today that I can sit in a bikini and sunbathe.

“I’ve been wearing swimming costumes for the last few days because of the pictures so now my stomach is completely white and the rest of me is tanned, so we need to figure something out there.”

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