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Inside the tacky homes of the Love Island cast: What do their houses really look like?


Everyone knows the intimate details of the Love Islanders' lives nowadays. We're all aware of who doesn't like who, who's had work done on their face and how they all secretly know each other.

But what do the insides of their homes look like? Unfortunately, we couldn't actually get inside their houses, so we did a lot of Instagram investigating instead:

Molly-Mae Hague

Molly had a flat in central Manchester before she went on Love Island and it's so Fiat 500 it hurts. The colour scheme is cream, white and grey and it's surprisingly minimalist.

She did an Instagram story of her going back to the flat after Love Island was over and it has the most beautiful view of Manchester.

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She has exposed concrete walls in her living room and a huge projector instead of a TV.

Tommy Fury

Molly-May and Tommy said they have bought a new three bedroom house together. Molly-Mae shared a photo on her Instagram story of Tommy in the main living area.

Tommy told The Sun: "We're both doing marvellous things. We're both really happy. We've bought an apartment in Manchester and we're going to move in together.

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And they even have an indoor sauna! It's so extra, it's amazing!

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Maura Higgins

Maura's bedroom is all white with wooden flooring. The framed Pinterest pictures are truly something else though!

Her living room is a colour palette of creams. The sofa looks cosy though.

Anna Vakili

Anna and her sister Mandi live together in a London flat.

The decor is simple, with barely any belongings lying around.

Imagine lots of fluffy things, bare walls and pillows – pillows everywhere.

The open living area is decorated in a minimalist style and there's a cute outdoor area too.

India Reynolds

India's bedroom is a lot more classic and traditional than some of the other Islanders'. But she still sticks to the whole white and cream theme.

She needs to get those curtains shortened though…

Belle Hassan

Belle's bedroom is so Bromley it hurts. The crushed velvet in combination with the sequinned pillows is A LOT.

Can we also appreciate the B E L L E lightbox on her chest of drawers. I'm pretty sure the rest of England also bought one from Tiger too.

Harley Brash

Harley seems to live in a literal doll house.

Michael Griffiths

Michael's flat in Liverpool is not what you'd expect. It's just very grey.

The floor to ceiling windows are a great backdrop for all the sponsored posts.

The little Gucci bag as decor – nice.

Amy Hart

Amy is also keen on the whole grey walls, crushed-velvet theme. That carpet looks so soft, I'd roll around in it all day. Also. why does ever single Islander have this mirror?!

Arabella Chi

Arabella has a very Live Love Laugh heart wreath above her massive bed. Ignore al the massive Louis Vuitton bags for a minute and you'll actually be able to see her house.

Yes, that poster says Keep glam and rock on, but the bath is very nice also.

Her living room boasts a large flat-screen TV and a little faux-fireplace underneath.

Jourdan Riane

Jourdan seems to have done the most decorating with her house. She has recently moved into it with her boyfriend Danny and it looks cosy,with a few plants dotted around and with great lighting. However, it is all grey, which isn't a shock to anyone at this stage.

She has a marble-top table in the dining area, with six office chairs. There's also a massive TV in the background.

For the whole house tour, watch Jourdan's house tour video here:

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