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The Love Island web: How the contestants secretly know each other on the outside

Take a seat, this will blow your mind


Just like last year, this year's Love Island cast seem to all have connections to one another. But obviously, all of them act as though they've never seen each other before.

But have you ever wondered who actually knows who? And how many of them have met one another before? Or how many current Islanders have connections to past Islanders? If you haven't, you're in luck because we've done the hard investigating for you.

Amber and Ellie Brown

Amber and Ellie both promoted MYA Cosmetic Surgery last year, which describes itself as the "UK's leading breast specialist."

Francesca and Jack Fowler

Turns out Jack Fowler, who was on Love Island season four, is Francesca's personal trainer! Small world.

Arabella and Charlie Frederick

Arabella and Charlie Frederick went out just before the show started, which caused him to have a small social media meltdown and leak those infamous screenshots.

Lucie and Arabella

Lucie admitted to stalking Arabella in the past because of their shared ex- boyfriend Charlie Frederick.

Arabella and Danny

People are convinced that Danny and Arabella knew of each other before Love Island because they've both modelled for ASOS. But the evidence is a little thin on the ground.

Molly-Mae's best friend went out with Wes

Molly-Mae is best friends with influencer Lissy Roddy. Lissy went out with Wes Nelson only a few months ago!!! Very weird! Lissy was also in the audience for Love Island Aftersun a few nights ago, while Wes was on stage.

Molly-Mae ALSO went out with Caroline Flack's ex Bradley Simmons back in February

According to The Sun, 20-year-old Molly-Mae was pictured holding hands with 25-year-old Bradley Simmonds (Caro's ex) during a night out in London in February 2019.

A source said:"Molly-Mae has dated Bradley but has never previously met Caroline." ?

Molly-Mae knows Rosie, Ellie, Zara, Kendall and Stephanie from last year's series

Molly-Mae Hague is friends with a lot of ex-Islanders. On her most recent Instagram there are comments from Ellie Brown, Zara McDermott, Rosie Williams, Stephanie Lam and Kendall Rae Knight. Popular gal.

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via Instagram @mollymaehague

Tommy and Maura

When Maura first came into the villa and went on a date with Tommy, Love Island fans grew sceptical they didn't know one another as they share the same management on the outside – Off Limits Entertainment. Hmmm, weird that.

Molly-Mae and Maura

A source told the Mirror Online that they girls were seen to be having dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Dubai restaurant in March this year.

The insider said: "They were sitting there, all dressed up and having dinner together.

"They looked like really good mates, not like they had just met each other. The managers and waiters couldn't take their eyes off them, they were just saying they were beyond-level fit."

"I thought it was really bizarre they were pretending they didn't know each other, and especially as they were love rivals, but then it all made sense to me," she continued.

"If they knew each other and Maura was sent in to stir up trouble then it makes sense she would try and hurt Molly on TV, as it would have all been agreed."

AND the girls have both uploaded pictures of them tagged in Dubai in March!!! Weird.

Sherif and Anna

Sherif has admitted to following Anna previously on Instagram, even though Anna had no idea who he was at first. Awkward!

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Curtis and Maura

When Maura came into the villa, Curtis sat Danny down and told him he messaged her on Instagram at the beginning of this year. He said: "Maura, I messaged her on Instagram one time telling her she's really good-looking. She never replied to me. It was beginning of this year."

Lucie and Charlie Frederick

Before coming to the villa, Cornwall bev Lucie dated season four's very own Charlie Frederick!! According to Lucie, she and Charlie got together "a few weeks" after he left the villa last year.

The pair apparently split in January this year. Charlie later claimed Lucie was just "using his name to get famous". Who knows, maybe this is true, maybe Lucie wanted to up her Instagram followers by getting with Charlie.

When asked about Lucie going on the show, Charlie cryptically said he hoped she was going for the show for the "right intentions" before adding: "She's most definitely not looking for love! She's only 21!"

Michael and Josh Mair

Michael and Josh seem to be mates from home. A few months before entering the villa, Michael posted this throwback picture on Instagram, captioning it: "Throwback to the times I could handle being social & @joshmair96 came dressed as me ?now I get hangovers for days." Veeeery interesting.

Danny Williams and Charlie

Danny knows Charlie Frederick from last year's Love Island through the modelling world. Does that mean he wouldn't crack on with Lucie if it came down to it?

Danny and Samira signed to the same modelling agency

Danny Williams is a model and is signed to Fomo Models. They have faces such as Alesha Dixon, Tom Zanetti and Samira Mighty from last year's Love Island in their books!!!

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