Love Island Gossip Column: Who dumped their girlfriend of SEVEN YEARS before coming on the show?


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Women's Aid has made a statement about Joe's posessive behaviour towards Lucie

Adina Claire, Co-Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, said: “Controlling behaviour is never acceptable, and with Love Island viewers complaining to Ofcom in record numbers about Joe's possessive behaviour towards Lucie, more people are becoming aware of this and want to challenge it.

"Abusive relationships often start off with subtle signs of control, so it’s important that it is recognised at an early stage. Love Island viewers are now very vocal in calling out unhealthy behaviour between couples on the show, and this is a positive development.

"If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse in a relationship, call the Freephone 24/7 National Domestic Violence Helpline, run by Women’s Aid in partnership with Refuge, on 0808 2000 247 or visit”

Tom Walker broke up with girlfriend of seven years just months before Love Island!!!!

According to his Instagram profile, Tom was dating girlfriend Chloe Rayner for seven years. The last picture of them was posted on Christmas Day 2018, just six months ago.

After people found out Tom was going on the show, they've left comments like: "Haven’t you been with your girlfriend for years and years?" and "What about Chloe 🙁 she’s better than any of the girls in there."

Someone commented on a photo of Chloe: "So who tf is that?! Isn’t he like supposed to be single to be in love island, this boy just wants the publicity." YIKES.

Anton's throwback picture is so Anton it hurts

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Here are all the Islanders' baby pics. Warning: They're super cute.

Sherif has claimed an Islander constantly kept rapping the n-word and nothing was done about it by the producers

Sherif has claimed another Islander "repeatedly" used the n-word without producers taking any action.

Sherif told The Sun: “There was one guy, who I will not name, who repeatedly used the N-word as he rapped in front of me.

“He said it two or three times and he was not pulled aside even though the code forbids racist language. The same rules did not seem to apply to the other contestants.” Read the full story here.

Callum has done his first Instagram post since he's been back and yes, he's still wet

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Acoustic Sunday’s ?

A post shared by Callum Macleod (@callum_macleod) on

It's Sundays babe, you don't need an apostrophe there. Sigh… At least it's not a sponsored post eh?

Meanwhile, Sherif's first Insta pic since the villa features him seductively starting at the camera whilst in bed

He captioned it with #itiswhatitis. Classic.

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Just waiting…. #lockdown #itiswhatitis

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Wes and Caroline were heavily flirting on Aftersun last night

Caroline said to Wes on stage, while his ex Lissy Roddy was in the audience: "I saw Wes in Ibiza at the weekend."

He replied: "Don't do that." But Caroline continued, asking how his holiday was to which he responded: "A bit messy. You was the same as well."

Caroline said with a smile: "I was fine, thanks." ? Spill the tea sis!!!!

Yewande had a new wig flown out to the villa after Love Island requested it!!!

Yewande's wig maker @freebornnoblewigs wrote on Instagram: "We are so here for @yewande_biala new look.

"We had to deliver when @loveisland contacted us. We are 100 percent behind our #NOBLEBABE so it was important we delivered in less than 3 days!!"

Apparently no one in the island knows how to brush their teeth

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Islanders have been assigned electric toothbrushes – but it seems no one knows how to use them. They've been brushing their teeth in all directions, when they're actually meant to allow the brush to rest on each tooth.

These are the latest odds on who's going to win this year's Love Island

As it stands Michael and Amber are the bookies' favourites to win with odds of 2/1. Then it's Curtis and Amy, Curtis has odds to win 5/2 and Amy 3/1. To check the full odds for all contestants, click here. My money's on Mamber x

Can we just stop for a second and remember when Tommy thought a circle was 560 degrees???

Did this boy even go to school? Judging by his old Facebook posts I'd say he missed a few lessons.

Oh and also, Tommy thought the Greek God of the sea was Neptune and has Spongebob to thank for the answer

FYI it's not Neptune. It's Poseidon.

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