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These Love Island 2018 contestants made the most money from Insta

And wow I wish we made this much from selfies

Love Island is beginning again next week and the new Islanders have just been revealed!

We all know the folks that go on Love Island are not doing it to find true love or even a good shag. They go on the show for the fame that comes after – and with fame comes the opportunity for sponsorship and advertising.

This week OddsMonkey has revealed how much each Islander is now making from sponsored Insta posts since leaving the villa.

Below we have listed the highest earning Islanders from 2018 in order:

1. Dani Dyer:

Instagram Followers: 3,600,000

Earnings per post: £15, 480

Surprise, surprise Love Island's 2018 winner Dani Dyer is the top-earning contestants, earning over 15 grand per post!

Even though her Island romance with Jack fizzled out, with Dyer onto a new man now, she is still earning a hell of a lot of money from her sponsorships.

2. Jack Fincham:

Instagram Followers: 2,400,000

Earnings per post: £10, 320

Jack and Dani's relationship seemed to come to a sudden end back in April and there even seemed to be some angst between the couple with Fincham liking a tweet that said Dani "obviously used Jack for the fame".

But like his ex, Jack is still making an insane amount of money from his social media standing.

Who needs to cry over love when you have so much cash to dry your tears?

3. Megan Barton Hanson:

Instagram Followers: 1,800,000

Earnings per post: £7,740

Before entering the villa, Megan described herself as "not your typical Essex girl" and now that's true more than ever. I doubt your typical Essex girl makes over £7,000 per post!

Megan was one of the most criticised Islanders of last year, yet this hasn't seemed to stop her Instagram game and the number of brands and agencies wanting her as a sponsor.

4. Wes Nelson:

Instagram Followers: 1,600,000

Earnings per post: £6,800

Drama seems to follow Wes wherever he goes. And apparently a huge pay-check does too. It's suggested Wes earns up to £6,800 per post. He sponsors a wide-range of clothing brands, and Just Eat.

You might start to think his new girlfriend Lissy Roddy thought he'd be some sort of sugar daddy, but with her own 650,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 subscribers on YouTube it's fair to assume she is making plenty herself.

5. Laura Anderson:

Instagram Followers: 1,500,000

Earnings per post: £6,450

It's recently surfaced that Paul Knops may have been faking his relationship with Laura the whole time whilst they were at the villa, but I guess when you can post a pic of you looking cute and earning 6K for it, the burn from a cheating, distrustful ex is a little less.

6. Georgia Steel:

Instagram Followers: 1,500,000

Earnings per post: £6,450

Georgia has come a long way since she worked as a shot girl at Popworld York. Imagine the girl who served you one too many Jägerbombs whilst you were dancing to the Spice Girls is now earning serious dollar from a simple bikini pic.

Although Georgia does do the standard clothing brand products, she also has posted some of the strangest sponsored posts out of the contestants. Remember the time when Georgia claimed she was "addicted" to her car freshener and people went mad – one person who does not get paid to use Instagram said: "YOU PEOPLE DO ANYTHING FOR CASH," while another said: "I thought you were skint cos your boyfriend robbed you."

7. Josh Denzel:

Instagram Followers: 1,300,000

Earnings per post: £5,590

Being a presenter for SportsBible Denzel already had quite a high-profile before entering the villa, but since his Instagram followers have soared and so has the number of brands he sponsors.

8. Dr Alex George:

Instagram Followers: 1,300,000

Earnings per post: £5,590

Alex is a doctor! A REAL doctor, on an NHS salary, who posts in his spare time from saving REAL LIVES to gain some extra spending money.

Alex may have been unfortunate on finding love in the villa but he definitely didn't leave the villa empty handed ($$$). He also seems to be happy with his new girlfriend Amelia.

9. Jack Fowler:

Instagram Followers: 1,300,000

Earnings per post: £5,590

Jack is also earning a good amount of money from sponsorships and ads.

10. Kazimir Crossley:

Instagram Followers: 1,200,000

Earnings per post: £5,160

After Love Island, Kaz became a Boohoo ambassador at the same time as continuing her make up career.

11. Alexandra Cane:

Instagram Followers: 1,200,000

Earnings per post: £5,160

Cane was a makeup artist before coming on the show. One of her clients included Instagram star Demi Rose and so Cane's Instagram profile was already off to a speedy start. Since leaving Love Island her number of followers has increasingly grown and with that so have her sponsorship opportunities.

12. Ellie Brown:

Instagram Followers: 1,100,000

Earnings per post: £4,730

Since splitting with Charlie in September 2018 Ellie reached over a million followers on Instagram. Attending events, travelling around the world, and promoting beauty and fashion brands. Who needs a billionaire boyfriend when you can make your own cash whilst living your best life?

13. Zara McDermott:

Instagram Followers: 1,100,000

Earnings per post: £4,730

Zara is yet to go back to her government advisor job since living the villa. But tbh who would go back to a life of being a civil servant when you can spend your time lounging round in the sun sponsoring swimwear brands. I mean even GBK sponsor her, so does she really need that civvy job?

14. Adam Collard:

Instagram Followers: 1,100,000

Earnings per post: £4,730

Adam seems to be content with his life after leaving the villa, continuing his business SculptFitness. He still does a lil bit of sponsoring every now and then though. From sponsoring Thorpe Park to protein bevvies your man Adam Collard seems to sponsor it all.

15. Samira Mighty:

Instagram Followers: 1,000,000

Earnings per post: £4,300

Since leaving the villa (after dramatically storming out after Frankie got dumped off the island) she became a model for MissyEmpire as well as clearly doing some sponsorship on the side.

16. Kendall Rae-Knight:

Instagram Followers: 900,000

Earnings per post: £3,870

Despite spending a very short amount of time in the villa, Kendall is still one of the top 15 earners from Instagram out of the 2018 contestants.

Kendall continually does sponsorships including Missguided, Boohoo and Hairblast – her weirdest sponsor, however, being the bookies The William Hill Arms. But as we saw on the show Kendall loves a gamble seeing as she ditched Niall for Adam in the hope for true love.

17. Eyal Booker:

Instagram Followers: 860,000

Earnings per post: £3,698

Eyal has starred on Celebs on the Ranch and Celebs go Dating since leaving the island, but he has also been doing a fair bit of brand advertising too. This includes advertising Cadbury's in the same photo he shows off his immaculate abs – a man who has it all.

18. Rosie Williams:

Instagram Followers: 815,000

Earnings per post: £3,504

From vegan meal replacement powder to fake tan Rosie never appears to be short of a brand to sponsor.

You might remember that Rosie was a law grad calling herself "legally brunette". I bet it's easier to post a £3000 worth Insta every few days than work on some big legal battle in court …

19. Sam Bird:

Instagram Followers: 775,000

Earnings per post: £3,332

Sam already had 10,000 followers before joining the villa, being a known figure for being Georgia Toffolo, "Toff" from Made in Chelsea's personal trainer.

Since leaving Love Island nothing too major has happened to him, he still pops up on our Insta feeds with the odd money-making advertisement every now and again though.

20. Charlie Brake:

Instagram Followers: 678,000

Earnings per post: £2,915

Charlie Brake entered the villa a Chelsea boy and a 22-year-old millionaire, heir to a £2 billion fortune. Let's be honest making £2000 per Instagram post barely makes a dent to a bank account that contains two billion big ones.

21. Hayley Hughes:

Instagram Followers: 672,000

Earnings per post: £2,889

After thinking Brexit was about trees, Hayley managed to interview Nigel Farage after leaving the Island! But this isn't her biggest achievement. Hayley too is earning a hefty amount from her brand advertisement pics.

22. Niall Aslam:

Instagram Followers: 646,100

Earnings per post: £2,778

If you want a man who can sponsor Harry Potter World and fancy suit brands Niall is your guy.

23. Laura Crane:

Instagram Followers: 582,000

Earnings per post: £2,502

Laura regularly attends PR events as well as modelling for fashion brands on Instagram.

24. Paul Knops:

Instagram Followers: 540,000

Earnings per post: £2,322

Paul isn't the most memorable figure of Love Island 2018. As we remember it he didn't say much.

Still, Paul has managed to do quite well for himself after the season, modelling and posting sponsored pics on his Instagram.

25. Frankie Foster:

Instagram Followers: 459,000

Earnings per post: £1,973

Since breaking up with Samira (AGAIN) after cheating on her (AGAIN) Foster has started his own gym and regular uploads sponsored pics from fashion brands to Instagram.

26. Charlie Frederick:

Instagram Followers: 288,000

Earnings per post: £1,238

No-eyebrows-Charlie is now a professional surfer and model, gaining moolah from many of his sponsored posts.

27. Alex Miller:

Instagram Followers: 236,500

Earnings per post: £1,016

Sponsored posts for Daniel Wellington and men's brief underwear. Other than that it doesn't seem like he does much else.

We can't all be Insta-famous, making top dollar for our pics, but at least now you know what you're missing out on!

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