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Six months on and eight break-ups later, where are the stars of Love Island 2018 now?

Wow, they’ve gotten even more tragic!!

Whether they've had dramatic break ups, made cringe ads for "weightloss" teas or released embarrassing Christmas calendars, ex-Love Islanders have tried everything to cling on to their instant fame after the show. And somehow last year's lot are all verified on Instagram!!

Love Island 2018 has been and gone, but one thing is for sure – every single one of them has tried to do something for themselves. So six months on, where are the stars of Love Island season four now?

Dani Dyer

The winner of the show, Dani, has done a lot since Love Island. This includes breaking up with her boyfriend Jack for a few days, before swiftly getting back together with him. She eventually explained what happened with the break up on her own TV show – Jack & Dani: Life After Love Island.

Jack and Dani are the only Love Island couple still together. They moved in together shortly after Love Island finished.

Dani has also written a book and signed a £500,000 deal with In The Style to become their brand ambassador. No biggie!

She's appeared on GoggleBox with her dad Danny and recently went on a trip to Tanzania with Comic Relief.

The future is bright for Dani, with endless media appearances and business deals coming her way. But will her and Jack last?

Jack Fincham

Jack won Love Island 2018 with Dani Dyer. As an all round funny guy, he was the nation's favourite on the show.

Jack and Dani seemed to go from strength to strength, until one day, Dani announced their break up, which was speculated to be a PR move for her book release. But they quickly got back together.

Then they were on the rocks again after Jack went on a mad night out in Kent, where he was caught doing coke. And then people found even more incriminating photos of him with a ket spoon. Legend.

Laura Anderson

Laura was so unlucky in love on Love Island. First, it was Wes who ditched her for Megan. Then New Jack left her for New Laura. Finally it seemed, her knight in shining armour came to rescue her.

Enter Paul Knops, a very good looking man with the personality of a rubber! The couple came in second place to Dani and Jack and were only together for a month after the show. Laura unfollowed Paul on Instagram and took his name out of her bio. Ouch.

Since the break up, Laura dated Max Morley, who was the winner of Love Island season one. Though they broke up shortly after. She's admitted that The Wanted's Max George slid into her DMs recently.

Career-wise, Laura regularly attends PR events and models for fashion brands on Instagram.

Paul Knops

I don't think we ever heard Paul Knops speak on Love Island. The only memory anyone has of Paul, is him looking horrified when Laura brought up the baby name conversation on their second date.

He ran. Far, far away. All the way to Burning Man, a festival in the middle of a desert in Nevada. And Laura was patiently waiting for him to come back home. Yeah, they broke up shortly after.

Since Love Island, Paul has continued modelling as well as doing the occasional Instagram sponsored post for his 578k Instagram followers.

Josh Denzel

Josh first came in and got close to Georgia. He then went into the new villa and ended up choosing Kaz. Georgia was not happy.

Josh Denzel has gone back to his job after Love Island, working as a SPORTbible presenter. He was travelling the world with Kaz, but split up with her. He's also a BoohooMAN ambassador.

It's been claimed that they actually broke up weeks before announcing their break up. Broken up, they went on a £4,000 holiday because it was a media campaign for Sandals resorts. Lol!

Kazimir Crossley

Kaz joined the island as a new addition in the second villa. She soon caught Josh's eye. They coupled up and stayed together after leaving the show. After Love Island, Kaz became a Boohoo ambassador and has continued her make-up career.

Kaz and Josh broke up after six months of being together.

Megan Barton Hanson

Megan turned everyone's heads when she first walked into the villa. She literally had boys salivating at the sight of her. She ended up getting together with Wes and they left the island together.

After leaving the island, Megan became an ambassador for Pretty Little Thing and modelled for their collections.

Megan also did a really candid interview with Grazia about her surgeries and time on the island.

Then her and Wes broke up and A LOT happened. Here's the full recap if you've just tuned in: Megan called out Wes' dancing partner for existing on Instagram, then she did it again, Wes and Megan broke up, the break up post was identical to Gwyneth Paltrow's, Megan joked about finding a new boyfriend, people thought they didn't actually break up and then sources said Megan dumped Wes because he was too tired to have sex with her. And then Megan came out and said Wes never really loved her and was just "fame hungry." Yikes. It did not end well for those two.

Wes Nelson

Wes was originally with Laura but binned her off for Megan. His relationship with Megan was very fiery and at the end of the show they came fourth, after Kaz and Josh.

Wes seemed really happy with Megan after Love Island. They were even caught doing bits in the airport toilets on their way back to England! They were together for seven months until they broke up. It was all a bit of a rollercoaster. Wes is now competing on Dancing On Ice.

Alex George

Dr Alex was famously unlucky in love on the show. And when Alexandra came along, who seemed like the right girl, he went cold on her.

Since leaving the show, Dr Alex went back to working at the NHS. He hasn't done any sell out promotions on Instagram.

Dr Alex has gone on TV and radio to talk about all things health and even appeared on Good Morning Britain. Make sexual health cool again!

He's also found love since leaving the villa!! He is now dating a 24-year-old graduate called Amelia Bath.

Alexandra Cane

Alexandra was a late entrance to the villa and she was always filmed eating instant noodles. Since leaving the show, she became a Pot Noodle ambassador. Watch this very cringe ad:

She's also been doing Instagram modelling and is an ambassador for Boohoo.

Jack Fowler

New Jack was the season's favourite. He was friends with all the boys, and got along with all the girls (aside from Georgia because she accused him of kissing her). And then he coupled up with Old Laura. Then New Laura came along and his head was turned. The couple ended up leaving the show together.

The semi-professional footballer split up with Laura Crane shortly after leaving the show. Which is good news for everyone else because he's single again!!

He's been filming for the latest season of Celebs Go Dating and he also posted this thirst trap and people literally can't handle it.

Since Love Island, Jack has been doing media appearances, Insta modelling and playing football. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Laura Crane

New Laura stole New Jack from Old Laura (sorry but it's true). It was all very awkward but the couple left the island together. They seemed really happy but broke up due to very busy schedules. Since leaving the show, poor Laura got sepsis, which put her life at risk! But aside from that, she's been modelling, surfing and doing sports media appearances. She's also dating Tristan from Made In Chelsea.

Josh Mair

Josh briefly paired up with Steph on Love Island before being kicked off. He's now concentrating on making his body even more pumped than it was before! He also sells his daily workouts for £10 a month. Bargain!

Stephanie Lam

Steph, who everyone remembers for crying a lot, has turned into a full time Insta model. So basically, she's gone back to what she was doing before with an added 100k extra followers on Instagram.

Georgia Steel

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. She went from being a national treasure to public enemy number one.

What hasn't this girl done after Love Island finished? Well firstly, she went through a brutal break up with Sam Bird after he caught her sending selfies of her in bed with her ex to friends! Turns out she's not so loyal after all. And coincidentally, her ex looked exactly like Sam.

But none of that matters to her now because she's got 1.5 million followers on Instagram and she's been on Celebs on the Ranch and is going on Celebs Go Dating!

Also back in November she released a Georgia Steel calendar… I don't know why either.

And she also did very off-brand promo for Forces Radio – an entertainment radio channel for the British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Sam Bird

Unfortunately for Sam, his entire identity on Love Island was erased by Georgia's disloyal antics. But what's new with him since he left the villa?

Sammy boy was recently on a night out with Jack Fincham and Adam Collard where things got a bit … loose. Apart from that and breaking up with Georgia, Sam hasn't had anything major happen to him. All he does is post emo pics/ads on Instagram now:

Charlie Brake

Charlie Brake was the secret millionaire who entered Love Island and stole Ellie's heart. Unfortunately that didn't last as the couple moved in together after the show and kept arguing all the time. Charlie allegedly threw all her clothes out of his bedroom window once and secretly dumped her and kicked her out of his house!!! Then, when they were clearly arguing during the Love Island Reunion show, they got their picture taken at the opposite sides of the room.

But in September last year, the couple finally called it quits. Then she claimed he cheated on her and had pictures evidence. Charlie denied it, saying it was photoshopped. Weeks later, he had a new girlfriend who looked exactly like Ellie.

Anyway, he seems like a single man now. And he's got his own clothing brand called The Inner 13!

And yes, he is still unbelievably flashy…

Ellie Brown

Ellie was fairly tame in the Villa, we first got to know her as Dr Alex's potential love interest. But then she met Charlie and it was all happily ever after. Except it wasn't, and they went through a very dramatic break up (as mentioned above.)

Since the split, Ellie has been living her best life and she's got a million Instagram followers! She's been attending events, travelling and doing the occasional Instagram promotion for beauty and fashion brands. Ngl, she looks banging. So who's the real winner here amirite?

Idris Virgo

I don't think I'll ever be able to erase the memory of Idris in the sexy fireman challenge but here we are.

After leaving the island, he's just been focusing on his boxing and done the occasional promotion for small fashion and jewellery brands.

Kieran Nicholls

Poor Kieran was one of the Love Islanders who never had enough time to reach full potential. But since he's been out of the villa, he's been able to focus on the gym and these horrific personalised suitcases.

Samira Mighty

Samira had bad luck on the island, when boy after boy wouldn't couple up with her romantically. But then she met Frankie and they fell in love. After Frankie got dumped off the island, Samira walked out of the villa to reunite with him in England. It was really cute.

Then she found out he slept with someone just hours before. They split up and she's now living her best life with a cool million followers on Instagram. Since leaving the villa, she's modelled for Missy Empire.

Frankie Foster

Frankie was initially interested in Megan but then coupled up with Samira on Love Island. He savagely cheated on Samira on the outside while she was still on the show. They reunited at Gatwick airport and she forgave him, but then he cheated on her again. After they broke up, he's opened a gym and done loads of Instagram sponsored ads for fashion brands.

Grace Wardle

You might not remember Grace, neither do I really. But what matters most is that she seems happy. Since leaving the villa, the make-up artist has been back on her grind, working in her salon and going wild on the tube.

She's also been doing promo for Skinny Coffee Club! Which, definitely works!

Darylle Sargeant

After leaving the villa, Darylle went out with Jake Quickenden, but now has a new boyfriend called Carlo who is a tattoo artist.

Ellie Jones

Ellie was a new arrival in the second villa and also known as Jack Fincham's ex. Sam Bird brought her into the new villa where she spent a few days before she got dumped off the island.

After leaving the island, Ellie's collaborated with Skinny Coffee Club and even opened her own clothing boutique called Ell'sBoutique_xox. The shop's account has 616 followers on Instagram!

She's now going out with Bobby Ballard who once appeared on Ex On The Beach. Aw, young Z-lister love.

Adam Collard

Adam is best remembered for being fit and abnormally stacked for a 22-year-old and pieing off every girl he got with after a couple of days. Remember the iconic argument with Rosie and her strut afterwards?

That was all until he met Zara McDermott of course. The love of his life. The apple of his eye. And somehow, they were one of the only couples still together!!! But sadly, the couple broke up after seven months together.

Since leaving the island, he's been focusing on getting back to his pre-Love Island body shape and also working on his gym business Sculpt Fitness.

Adam has also done some Insta ads for BoohooMAN.

And just a few weeks ago, Ferne McCann threw a drink at Adam for calling her a "pathetic little s**g". Charming!

Alex Miller

Ah, Mr Alex Miller. Specsavers' Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2017 winner. Megan's two day distraction from Wes. Fit dad. Where is he now?

Well, after leaving the villa, Alex has branched out to doing sponsored posts for men's underwear! No glasses needed there.

Charlie Williams

Charlie was Dr Alex's love interest for a bit, before he pied her off for Alexandra. Yikes. With 77k followers on Instagram, she's gone down the usual "Insta model for small brands" route.

Since leaving the island, Charlie has been drinking beer in bath tubs! Now, that's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

Dean Overson

Dean was one of Megan's love interests while Wes was out in the new villa. She kissed him to see if she had any feelings for him, and turned out she didn't, because she chose Alex Miller instead. Ouch.

Ever since leaving the island, Dean has been modelling for small brands on Instagram and pulling a face that often makes us question whether he's over Megan's rejection.

He's also been hanging out with the Love Island B-listers. Wait, is that Kieran floating in the background?

Jordan Adefeyisan

Jordan. Do I remember his personality? No. Is he still fit? Yes.

Is this photoshoot a bit weird? Absolutely.

Savanna Darnell

Savanna entered the second villa and left after not finding anyone to couple up with. She's currently touring with Thriller Live – The West End touring musical celebration of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five.

Unlike many of the others, she hasn't sold out and done loads of Instagram advertisement! Which in this economy, is quite impressive.

Zara McDermott

Since leaving the island, Zara has put her government job on hold. Instead, she's been travelling the world and being an Instagram model. Oh, also her and Adam broke up. She has one million followers on Instagram so who cares!

Eyal Booker

Eyal is most remembered for being the hippy of the group, making meaningless philosophical statements that even he didn't understand. He also mugged Dr Alex off by getting with Megan in front of him. Eyal was coupled up with Megan for a bit as they were the first ones to have sex on the show.

Since leaving the island, Eyal has starred in Celebs on The Ranch and been on Celebs Go Dating. He's also been doing some modelling which means we all get to see how fit he is on a regular basis.

Rosie Williams

Everyone remembers Rosie for her iconic strut after ending it with Adam. And it seems her sassy attitude hasn't gone since leaving the villa. Take this Instagram post as an example, which she captioned: "a woman who knows what she brings to the table is definitely not afraid to eat alone.”

Or this one, which reads: "..when someone tries to say hi to you after you discover they’ve unfollowed you on Instagram ??‍."

Rosie is also in a relationship with a businessman, who's been accused of killing a navy recruit! Honestly, I don't know either but they look very smitten.

Charlie Frederick

Remember no eyebrows Charlie? Well since leaving the villa he's actually found love and has been doing a whole lot of surfing! He's now in a relationship with professional model and surfer, Lucie Rose Donlan.

And he's still modelling, which is great for everyone concerned.

Hayley Hughes

Oh Hayley. Remember how she thought Brexit was about the trees or when she pied off Eyal when he tried to kiss her in a challenge? Honestly, what a queen.

After leaving the island, Hayley briefly dated DJ Tom Zanetti. They even spoke about wedding plans and everything! She also interviewed Nigel Farage on Brexit, which I'm sure brainwashed her even more!

Niall Aslam

Niall left the show early due to struggling with his Aspergers. The Rainbow Fish and Harry Potter fanatic has since been recycling his jokes when doing sponsored work with brands.

Kendall Rae-Knight

Kendall was the first person to leave the island after Adam parred her off for Rosie. After leaving the villa, her personal brand has really taken off. She's got nearly 900k followers on Instagram and is an official Boohoo ambassador.

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