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Laura is a goddess who doesn’t deserve any of this ‘jumping ship’ bullshit

She’s not annoying, she’s amazing

If there's one person who's really gone through all the motions of Love Island this year, it isn't Georgia, but Laura. Last night she got dumped by new Jack for literally a younger version of herself.

Getting dumped is bad enough, but imagine getting dumped twice in a row on national television. That's going to crush your self-esteem like nothing else. Which is why it's crazy that so many people think Laura's insecurities are annoying.

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It's time we appreciated Laura for who she actually is, because she's dealt with a lot . She possesses more grace and maturity than all of those in the villa combined. She's had her confidence and self-esteem broken time and time again but continues to rise from the ashes. She's been a good friend to people who have wronged her and she's been real from the start.

And if you're still not convinced, this is what Laura has managed to do above everyone else in the villa:

In a world full of complicated people, she doesn't play games

Laura has always kept it simple. She'll tell people how she feels if they've upset her, she doesn't play mind games, or try to get revenge on anyone. She's just been a straight up, honest person and it's refreshing.

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She's been dumped twice and has reacted graciously

First Wes and now Jack. Both boys dumped her to couple up with new girls that came later into the villa because they "were happy but could have been happier." No one deserves that. But she didn't beg or plead, she accepted and respected their decisions and decided to move on.

Also need I remind you that her supposed best friend got with the guy she was coupled up with? That's traumatic, yet she still didn't kick off.

She's moved on from those boys in a mature way

She could have moped around for days or kept making sly comments like Georgia has consistently about Josh, but instead she chose to recover and look forward to what the future has to offer. When her confidence was probably at her lowest, she got stuck in the challenge where the Islanders had to do a seductive dance and completely killed it.

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She knows her worth, is interesting and fun

She's well travelled, has a bubbly personality and knows her worth. Laura has a strong sense of self and has been real throughout. She's more emotionally intelligent than the others and has a lot more to offer. And think about it, she's also one of the few who seems to have gone on the island for love and not to win the cash prize.

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She has the power to forgive people and genuinely wish them happiness

She's forgiven Wes for dropping her for Megan. She's forgiven Megan for stealing her man and has even given her advice on their new relationship. She's forgiven Georgia for kissing Jack on their date. Laura understands that being bitter won't get her anywhere and if the world was full of people like her, it would be a much kinder place.

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