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Love Island Gossip Column: How many of the Islanders were scouted? And Laura may WALK

I can’t take any more of this heartbreak

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Only half of the people who appeared on Love Island this year actually applied to be on it

According to The Guardian, the final Love Island cast now appearing on TV is split pretty much 50:50 between people who applied and those who were approached.

We're concerned Laura might walk after being rejected twice

People think she won't be able to pick herself up again after Jack dumped her last night or have the energy to get to know someone knew just for it to be over in two weeks time. She also didn't seem interested in Paul, so there's speculation she might walk.

Alex Miller's cringe Instagram behaviour just won't stop

At this point the man "mugged off by Megan" is literally asking girls to DM him. Mate, it's a 30 minute journey, just read a book or something.

FYI, we contacted him but he didn't reply.

Dani and Jack are going to get their own spin off

According to The Sun, ITV bosses are going to pitch their idea about the couple's debut reality TV show when they leave the villa.

An insider said: “Everyone loves Jack and Dani, so it makes sense that they’d be offered their own show. It’s all still up in the air right now as they haven’t left the villa, and who knows where their heads will be at when they do, but bosses are keen to sign them up." Let's hope it's a bit more successful than Chris and Liv's 'Cracking On.'

Talking of Chris, he said he regretted not splitting up with Olivia sooner and ALSO REVEALED HOW HE WANTED TO TEXT KEM DURING SEX???

Chris told The Sun: “This is gonna sound brutal, but probably not ending certain relationships sooner. Yeah, I delayed happiness.” He didn't name Olivia but we can all figure out who he was talking about. ?

Then he continued: “There's probably been a point when I've been having sex and – I’ve not been thinking of Kem – but I probably wanted to text him about something to see what he's up to, during it. Obviously just to keep in contact." Wait, what??

One of the islanders has a teddy bear called "Snowy"

We don't know who it belongs to, but it's on the far left bed.

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Old Jack was 'always trying to take girls home' before Love Island

Turns out currently loved up Jack Fincham was known as "Jack the Lad" back at home in Kent. His mate told The Sun: "He was always trying to take girls to his mum's."

That iconic speech Rosie gave to Adam? Apparently she wrote it on her phone and practised it all day

Zara revealed to OK! Magazine: "What the viewers don't know is that Rosie had been planning that chat all day. She'd written out the whole speech on her phone and had been rehearsing it. It wasn't a conversation, it was a speech and that's why Adam found it a bit funny."

People are worried about Georgia after she didn't say the word loyal once in last night's episode

She may not be saying it on the show any more, but this parody Twitter account is doing an amazing job:

Ellie has written a grovelling apology on Instagram… about her hair extensions

The dumped islander apologised about her argument with Georgia, spoke about her time in the villa and has reassured everyone she's getting her hair extensions sorted as soon as possible. She wrote:

"Also… my hair extensions ??? I am SO bad at my own hair and makeup never mind having pie and ice cream etc in it. I usually get a blow dry once a week because I’m so bad, it’s getting sorted ASAP I promise ?❤️ "

Zara gave Adam a love package before taking him out to dinner

It contained a giant Millie's cookie which said: "For the one love", a picture frame of them together, body products and some t-shirts. He wrote on his Insta story: "How can I not love her?" Yeah, they're deffo last year's Dom and Jess.

Zara has also been caught singing the n-word in her car

Twitter user Aaliyah Deanne pointed out the fact Zara was singing the n-word along to a rap song and Zara blocked her shortly after. Yikes.

There was a literal snake in the villa and no, I'm not talking about any of the contestants

First we heard the villa was infested with rats and now there are literal snakes slithering around??? It was revealed on Love Island Hotlist that the contestants were having breakfast when one of them spotted it. Noooo thank you.

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