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I’m sorry but Georgia isn’t the innocent, loyal friend she makes herself out to be

Are we all watching the same show here??

We all fell for Georgia. She was the best friend who comforted Rosie through the Adam heartbreak. She was there for Laura when Wes ditched her for Megan. She was loyal to Josh despite him snaking her. She was the queen of composure, reacting to his rejection so gracefully. We thought she was a national treasure.

Yet she's managed to undo all of that in the space of a couple of days, after kissing the guy her best friend is coupled up with. And that's not even the worst part. Georgia keeps insisting she's loyal and I'm not even sure she knows what the word means.

Whether the kiss was mutual or not, it still shouldn't have happened

No one knows who initiated the kiss. But it doesn't even matter who did, because as a "loyal" friend, Georgia shouldn't have allowed it to happen in the first place. She knew Laura liked Jack and if it was purely platonic as Georgia insisted, she could have easily given him a hug.

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Georgia didn't tell Laura she actually fancied Jack before the date

Instead she told her Jack has "good banter" and would "make her laugh." That's not synonymous for "I fancy him and I might kiss him at the end of the date", is it? Georgia warning Laura about her upcoming date with Jack wasn't loyal, it was the bare minimum she could do as a friend.

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Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she blamed it all on Jack

Georgia could have held her hands up and said that she got lost in the moment, which is what led to the kiss. But she didn't own the situation admitting she wasn't being a very good friend, instead she tried to paint Jack as the villain.

She then took the piss out of Jack after Laura ditched him

Which honestly was just so harsh and uncalled for. Jack was clearly gutted about the entire situation and Georgia continued being petty.

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Someone who is loyal doesn't have to say it all the time, they prove it with their actions

Whether you like her or not, Ellie actually spoke the truth. You can't go round screaming that you're loyal and then kiss the boy your friend is seeing. Even if you thought the guy was the one to initiate it, you should back away if you care more about your friend.

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