Update: Georgia sent SELFIES of her in bed with her ex to friends

Sam literally called her ‘not loyal’

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If you thought you'd seen the last of Sam Bird and Georgia Steel's notes page then oh boy were you wrong. The recently separated Love Island alumni are at it again.

After Sam accused her of cheating, Georgia admitted in an Instagram post that she spent the night at her ex's, but denied sleeping with him. She also claimed that Sam had rifled through her phone and obtained screenshots of conversations with her mates, which he intended to sell to the press.

In response, Sam has posted his own statement on Instagram that spills even more tea.


The post reads: "After reading Georgia's side of the story I think it's only fair I tell mine.

"I never threatened to sell anything, I only want people to know the truth about what happened after seeing what she has said. She spoke to the press before I did, it's how you get your story out there.

"Georgia went round her ex's on more than one occasion and lied about it. One was at about 4am. She sent a selfies with her ex in bed together to her friend only three days ago, which my friend has seen.

"Sending inappropriate 'sext' messages to your ex is not banter. It's cheating and not loyal, simple as that.

"If you go online the truth is out there now and I just want to move on from this situation. No one needs to give hate online, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I just want Georgia and me to be happy now. X".


Is this the last we'll hear from Sam and Georgia? Probably not.

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