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How long the Love Island couples will last, according to a relationship expert

Looks like G won’t stay loyal to Sam


Unlike previous years, this year's series of Love Island ended with A LOT of couples still being together. And I don't know about you, but I'm not convinced all of them are the real thing.

Paul always looks miserable next to Laura, like he's smiling through the pain of basically being trapped in a marriage. Josh is now addicted to his phone and won't give Kaz any attention. Charlie and Ellie were recently spotted arguing on the street. There were rumours of Frankie cheating on Samira, so really, how long are any of them going to last?

Or are they all sticking it out to pull a Dom and Jess and get married on Good Morning Britain? We asked Amelie Guerard, Dating Expert at Once to comment on how long she thinks every couple will last:

Jack and Dani – together for the rest of their lives

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The nation’s sweethearts for sure! You can see the genuine affection and love in their body language when they are together. They are both equally besotted with each other. The pair already act like they have been in a two year relationship – which we saw on the show with how they bicker, make up, and support each other.

Because they’re so comfortable already, the only test for these two will be to keep the energetic romance alive. Lust, sexual chemistry and fun are key parts to any relationship, and it is easy when we get comfortable quickly to let these go.

I don’t doubt either’s loyalty though – the lie detector caused a bit of tension on the show, but even if you’d just seen the couple for the first time you’d easily be able to see how infatuated they are with each other! Neither of them believes they could do any better and it’s so lovely to see that in a blossoming relationship. I won’t be surprised if these two are together for the rest of their lives.

Megan and Wes – over a year

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They are the young and carefree couple. On the show they were voted as least likely to last long on the outside which upset them both. But I think this was mainly down to the fact that we saw Megan with several guys before Wes and doubted that she knew what she wanted.

Saying this, of all the family reunions, Megan’s Dad and brother seemed most convinced on her happiness – and they know her best. I don’t think this is a couple that can spend too much time apart as they already seem very much in each others pockets, so I hope the strain of the publicity, attention and events doesn’t cause that.

Kaz and Josh – a few years

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This relationship is beautiful to watch. They both smile constantly when they’re together and Josh’s reaction to when Kaz joined the show was evidently infatuation! I think they’re the most genuine of all the finalists as they are the only couple to not have a rocky start – they wanted to be together from the second they clocked eyes. Whereas Laura was unsure of Paul, Dani couldn’t decide if she just wanted to be friends, and Megan was with other guys before Wes. They’ll go very far.

Laura and Paul – first to get married

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I think Laura and Paul would be the first to get married. Not just because they are both a little older, but they are both so sure of want they want in a relationship. They’re quite different in character, but this just means they complement each other perfectly. Neither will be distracted or likely have their head turned because they are both so committed in making this work.

They’ve already picked out baby names on the show! So I don’t think it will be more than a year before we see an engagement.

New Jack and New Laura – a month

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There was a rocky start in the villa as Jack was around his ex (old Laura) which makes it hard to focus on a new beginning and new spark. A lingering ex can be hard on any budding romance, and even more so in a confined villa.

It’s very early days for this relationship so it’s hard to say where exactly it is going yet. They both have quite different lifestyles on the outside and travel is going to be a potential hurdle with a long distance relationship.

They both strike me as a couple that take it slow anyway, so I don’t expect this to be an issue, but they will both get a lot of attention on the outside, and might be tempted by other people.

Ellie and Charlie – six months

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Charlie and Ellie’s tempers are both on the slightly shorter side, which can make for a rocky make-or-break beginning. They were strong in the villa and have spent all their time together since leaving the show without any apparent problems yet.

They announced that they plan to live together permanently in London due to the long-distance – and this is the only way I can see their relationship ending; if the stress and strain of always being together gets too much. We’ll see… if they are still together by Christmastime, I believe they’re strong enough for a future.

Adam and Zara – together for under a year

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This is an easy one – how long this relationship lasts is completely down to Adam’s loyalty. He got himself a player reputation in the villa and he’s lucky for Zara to forgive him when he left the show.

Zara is beautiful, and they look lovely together. But one wrong move and I don’t think Zara would be so forgiving again.

Samira and Frankie – together for over a year

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Poor Samira – not only did it take her long to find a guy on the show, but since quitting the villa to be with her love Frankie, they have already been put to the test with cheating rumours!

This would put a strain on any relationship so early on and it’s very easy to become paranoid and the trust starts to breakdown. Samira is a strong, good-natured woman thought, and she is deserving of a kind-hearted and equally loving partner like Frankie.

The two seem very well suited and besotted with each other on Instagram, and I think these two could go very far – as long as they can focus on each other and ignore rumours and public opinion.

Georgia and Sam – a few months

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A lot of the public would probably say this relationship won’t last five minutes! Georgia’s “loyalty” created a very negative perception of their relationship as she was with Sam already when she appeared to kiss Laura’s Jack on a date.

Regardless though, Georgia is a very strong-minded young lady – this relationship will last as long as she wants it to as I believe she is 100 per cent sure of what she wants and is in control of her own future.

I hope they don’t just stay together to prove the nation wrong on the loyalty front though, I would like to think it’s because they really like each other.

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