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Love Island Gossip Column: Paul modelled for ALDI and Charlie’s grim nickname revealed

Idk why Charlie wanted to reveal this but ooookay

Love Island may finally be over, but it doesn’t mean the gossip ever has to stop.

So welcome back to The Tab’s daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

The real winners of Love Island, Wegan, have officially moved in together

They’re still looking for a new flat to live in but Wes has moved into Megan’s flat in Southend for the time being.

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On his Instagram story, he films Megan opening the door and running into her luxurious pad to jump on her bed. We need an entire TV show.

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Wes looked “gobsmacked” when he found out Megan has done porn

When Megan was asked in an interview if she’d be quitting porn sites now she’s in a serious relationship, she nervously glanced at Wes and replied: “Porn? I’ve never done porn! I’ve done stripping that I admitted [on the show].” Apparently Wes looked “gobsmacked” and stayed silent.

Megan, who posed nude for a sex worker site which offers £170 an hour webcam sessions, went on to confess the moment was making her anxious and dissolved in nervous giggles.

The Sun Online revealed that before she went into the Love Island villa, Megan posed naked on under the name Fifi-XXX. She offered punters sexy “HD webcam sessions, phone sex and dirty texts” starting at £2 a minute.

Before coming second on Love Island, Paul used to model for ALDI

He may have been in a Britney Spears video, but Knopsie never forgets where he came from. Started modelling for ALDI, now he’s here.

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Laura already has Paul in a kilt

Loool when’s the wedding? But also look at the fear in his eyes.

Alex George has been lined up for a regular slot on This Morning

A TV insider told The Sun: “Producers were impressed with Alex following his time on the show this week – and were intrigued to hear him say how keen he was to pursue more TV work.

“They believe it would be great to have a new face whose come from a show like Love Island and can appeal to a younger audience to give his insight on the medical world.

“He talks really passionately about his profession and is a big star thanks to his summer in the villa – but wants to use his newfound fame to educate the masses.”

Charlie Frederick needs to take a masterclass in Instagram because his stories are cringe af

When his flight was delayed, Charlie asked his followers for questions. One of them was about his favourite food, so naturally he posted a picture of his ripped body and replied: “Roast Dinner.”

But that’s not the worst part!! Someone asked what nicknames he has had and he replied: “Captain cum quick.” Urm, okay.

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Frankie said all the girls threatened to quit at one point or another

Turns out Laura isn’t the only person who’s threatened to quit the Villa. Frankie revealed to The Mirror: “I think all of the girls must have had a moment in there where they were like ‘I’m not doing this I’m going to go.’ It’s a girl thing.”

Jack and Dani eating a Chinese Takeaway is the wholesome content everyone needs right now

They might be Love Island winners but they’re simple at heart. They had a meal deal the day before and now they’ve been posting pictures of themselves getting a Chinese takeaway at home.

Dani wrote on Instagram: “All we have wanted @jack_charlesf” as she took pictures of their shredded duck, noodles, curry and spring rolls.

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