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Love Island’s Jess and Dom just got married live on Good Morning Britain

And they’re both wearing swimwear


We thought we'd seen all the ways Jess and Dom have been desperately trying to claw back some of their fame after Love Island.

They did a meet and greet in a Kebab shop, they announced their engagement after three months of knowing one another. But now they've done the unimaginable.

They've actually got married on Good Morning Britain, in swimwear and their vows were full of Love Island references.

Try not to cringe watching the video because it's something else.

Jess's vows included her saying: "I, Jessica Shears, take you, Dominic Lever to be my husband. I will not pie you off even if Muggy Mike comes along."

And people are wincing at the fact the couple can't let go of their Love Island fame.

If you thought your Valentine's Day was going badly, at least it wasn't this tragic. Are they gonna film their divorce on Jeremy Kyle too?