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Love Island 2018: Where are they now?

Jani have broken up, so love is over


Since season four of Love Island ended, the summer has come to a sad close. One thing that has definitely not finished however, is the stream of drama and twists in the lives of the ex-islanders. We've seen arguments, break-ups, cheating, moving in together, Dr Alex become a meme sensation, and of course a lot of tragic sponsored Instagram posts. But where are the Love Island 2018 contestants now? Are they still together?

Who'd have thought Adam might stay with one girl, Megan would turn out to be a bit of a feminist icon, Georgia wouldn't bother to "stay loyal babe", and Laura and Paul wouldn't last?

Love Island 2018 is over, but our obsession with the contestants is still going strong. Here's where they are now.

Dani Dyer

The winner of season four has kept busy by launching her own clothing range with InTheStyle, going on Capital FM and Celebrity Juice and even featuring on magazine covers.

However in shocking news, her and Jack Fincham, who she won the show with, have split up!!! Apparently, Dani broke up with him and he was desperate to try and keep the relationship going. Oh wait, they're back together! And it was all a publicity stunt!

Jack Fincham

Jack has been in the news for pissing off club owners after cancelling multiple PAs last minute, but it didn't seem to bother him cause he was happy doing absolutely everything with Dani. He was there at Capital FM, they went on Celebrity Juice together and he supported her with her clothing range launch.

Laura Anderson

Laura's life since the villa has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. It came out that she quit the villa THREE times, slept on the beach and chain-smoked 24 cigarettes during filming, now her and Paul Knops have split and she's unfollowed him on Instagram.

In between all that she's also managed to squeeze in some TV appearances and sponsored Instagram posts.

She's worked with brands such as Bombay hair, Hairburst, Prettylittlething and Primark.

Paul Knops

He was only really a thing because of Laura and they've split up – so I guess now he's just Paul, 31, from Bournemouth.

He went to Burning Man festival obvs to find himself, which he did, and realised he didn't want Laura anymore. And that was that.

Josh Denzel

Since leaving the villa Josh has spent a lot of time keeping in touch with and seeing the other islanders. He's been pictured with Wes, new Jack, Dr Alex, Eyal, old Jack and Charlie. And he's been out partying with Big Shaq.

He's hinted on his Instagram that he's "creating something" with Wes and him and Kaz are still going strong too.

Kazimir Crossley

Kaz has literally just got fitter and fitter since the villa. She's been spotted around London a lot and went on BBC Breakfast with Josh. She's done a few Instagram ads but she's probs too busy living her best life for all that.

Megan Barton Hanson

Megan has been everywhere. She's stood up for herself about her past jobs on TV with Piers Morgan, met Post Malone at Reading Festival, saved a fan from a nip slip at a meet and greet and been on the cover of Grazia. She really is living it up.

She's still making time for Wes though don't worry – they're still an item, and have moved in together.

Wes Nelson

Wes hasn't fallen into the shadow of his girlfriend, as he's currently working on "big things" with Josh Denzel. He might of also rubbed some clubs up the wrong way and been branded "most hated" in a row over cancelling appearances, but he's still doing alright.

Alex George

Dr Alex is a meme sensation. When he's not too busy filming himself saying "ahoihoihoiiiii" at his phone, he's landed the role of Good Morning Britain's on screen doctor!!

Alexandra Crane

She's still super fit and eating a lot of Pot Noodles.

Alexandra posts A LOT of bikini pics on Instagram, and she's been living it up in Ibiza. She was an icon in the villa, she deserves some R&R imo.

Jack Fowler

New Jack and Laura disappeared off the face of the earth after the show. They never really went official, but still announced their split.

He's done a few sponsored posts and club appearances, and some pretty cool things like a helicopter ride over London with Laura – which is cute.

Laura Crane

New Laura is of course still surfing her way through life. She's off in California and posting on Insta the most surfer chic, vibey pics you've ever seen.

So basically she's still just really cool, a little bit like new Jack is too.

Josh Mair

He's still a DJ from Birmingham, just now he posts a few more risque Instagrams and gets a few more likes.

Georgia Steel

Her and Sam had possibly the most the dramatic breakup ever. They moved in together, then shortly announced their split, which was full of cheating rumours – Georgia apparently sent selfies to her friends of her in bed with her ex.

The pair had been on TV, on the red carpet, on the radio. You name it – Georgia and Sam probably tried it.

And she's the queen of club appearances. Georgia Steel is honestly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Sam Bird

Couldn't put up with Georgia. Making money off Instagram. Typical.

Charlie Brake

Charlie and Ellie's relationship has been rocky to say the least. They've been pictured on nights out together, on nights out separately, appearing to have public arguments and they've apparently broken up a few times. But they were adamant they were still together. They, in the least shocking news ever, they too broke up.

Ellie Brown

Aside from her dramas with Charlie, Ellie has had quite the saga herself. The Tab revealed pictures of her dramatic Love Island transformation.

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For clarification, she's on the right

Since then she's been kept quite busy being on and off with Charlie – which given they amount they do, I can imagine is pretty tiring.

Idris Virgo

It came out that apparently he was a bit of a creep on Facebook back in the day, but that's about it.

Samira Mighty

Samira is another that has been on a rollercoaster ride for the past few months. She's been rattled with cheating rumours about Frankie before the pair finally split up in August.

Since then she's jumped on the Insta advert bandwagon, with sponsorships including Missguided, Boohoo, Skinnydip and Nailsinc.

She's also kept her "cutsie" slogan going and done her first cover of a magazine. So the breakup hasn't done her too badly, it would seem.

Frankie Foster

He was forced to publicly address the cheating rumours and then Samira still dumped him. He's cancelled now.

Adam Collard

Of course the lethario of the villa Adam has done a full UK tour of club appearances since Love Island.

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Oh Adam what are you like

He's also started making fitness guides and vlogs and has his own YouTube channel called "Adam Collard Fitness".

Plus, him and Zara are pretty cute.

Zara McDermott

Would Zara be the ultimate fuckboy whisperer and tame Adam after the villa? That was what everyone wanted to know. And it looks like yes she has!! They are still together!!

Her insta feed is to die for and she's been making loads from sponsored posts and appearances. She's been sponsored by brands such as Missguided, Skinnydip, With Love Lilly, Prettylittlething and InTheStyle. She even went to a dogs show with Ellie and Eyal – winning!!

Eyal Booker

Eyal revealed that his DMs were "nicely filled up" after leaving the show, and frankly I'm not surprised given some of the shoots he's been getting up to. I'll just leave this one here. ?

He's also been on Celebs Go Dating, and is featuring on new show Celebs On The Ranch – with Georgia!!

Hayley Hughes

She gets subtly rinsed on TV about not having a clue about politics, but she doesn't seem to care – she's appeared on multiple politics shows regardless.

And she's dating Tom Zanetti.

Rosie Williams

Her Instagram bio still says that she is a solicitor but her posts say different, she looks more like a brand promoter if you ask me. But who can blame her when she's making more money through that than practicing law anyway.

She's been working with Rebellious Fashion, Nutribuddy, Prettylittlething and Iconic London to name a few.

Charlie Fredrick

Sponsored Instagrams and loads of topless pictures – that's what Charlie spends his time doing these days, in case you were wondering.

He's worked with Prep Box Nutrition, Watershed and Lord Time Pieces.

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Remember these two looool

Niall Aslam

Has Niall found his rainbow fish? It would appear not. He's kept pretty quiet, apart from talking a bit more about his shock departure from the villa which was because of his struggles with Asperges syndrome.

He might not have found a rainbow fish but he has bought a dog, and been spending time with other islanders like Kendall, Eyal and Rosie.

Kendall Rae-Knight

Her time in the villa might have been over in the blink of an eye but she is dragging out her time in the spotlight as much as possible. She's doing regular Instagram sponsorships and is probably bringing in a fair bit of money from them – given that she has 859k followers – fair play.

She's done posts for brands such as Hair Burst, Park Plaza hotels, Boohoo and Missguided.

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