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We caught up with Love Island’s Samira to talk Freshers’ advice, how to dress #cutesie, and why she fancies Shrek

I just go in a room and I’m like ‘HEEEEY’

Hi Samira – welcome to Edinburgh! Is it your first time here?

Yes! I have a lot of Scottish friends, and my grandpa’s Scottish, but I’ve just never been.

Tonight marks the beginning of Freshers' Week. What would your advice be for new students arriving in Edinburgh on how to make new friends and break the ice?

Well for me, I just go in a room and I’m like “HEEEEY” and then it’s awkward and then you’re like “shall we have a shot?” Always start with a shot, and then all of a sudden you’re chatting! Just make yourself known instead of hiding in the background – I think that’s the worst.

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Start with a shot but selfies help too

What was it like moving into a villa with people you have never met before? Do you have any advice for freshers on how to get along with their new flatmates?

It was strange obviously, but you just gotta be your best self and go with it. You get an idea of who you’re gonna be good friends with. I think it’s the same with college and uni and stuff like that – you always get an idea of “she’s my girl” or “he’s my boy”. You just gotta be out there.

What would your perfect Freshers' Week night out be?

I think even if you go somewhere not so great, as long as you’re with good people and have good atmosphere I think that’s the best thing.

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ATIK was packed on Saturday for the fresher event featuring appearances from both Samira and Frankie Foster

This evening at Insomnia is definitely an occasion to dress to impress – what would be your perfect outfit to look ‘cutesie’ for the first night of Freshers'?

Ooh I think something kinda like this! Red…mesh top, honey – can’t go wrong! A bit of denim, a bit of coolness, cutesieness.

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Samira looking 'cutesie' af for her night at Atik

What was the highlight of your Love Island experience, and do you have any regrets over entering the villa?

My highlight was probably the first time Alex and I got saved by the public – that was mad, because you completely forget that there are people watching you. I don’t have any regrets and would have done everything the same.

If you had it in your power to couple up with one of the boys from a previous villa, who would it be and why?

I think Kem is jokes – I don’t think I can see anything romantically but he seems like a great best friend. He’s really, really funny. Such good hair!

Have you learnt anything new about love from your time in the villa and what would your advice be to freshers looking for love tonight?

Take things slow, don’t go full pelt into it, and do your own thing. Find happiness in yourself before others.

The show has been subject to criticism on matters such as diversity and girls’ appearances – do you think that the Islanders are an accurate representation of young people in the UK?

We get this question a lot. It’s a TV show, they want to get people who “look good”. We get a lot of people asking “how do you get your bodies like that!” I was a dancer, I worked for it. Adam used to be bigger, he worked for it. So people have worked for their bodies and have worked for their looks, as I think anyone should on Love Island if they want to.

Were you scouted for the show or did you apply?

I was supposed to be a bombshell last year, and then one of the producers watched Dreamgirls which I was in, and then we kept in contact. It was quite convenient really.

If you could be a character from any musical, who would you be?

That’s really hard. I do love Shrek so much. I would love to be Princess Fiona. I LOVE Shrek, Shrek is fit. Like he’s just there, doing his ting… and he’s Scottish! He has a friend that’s a donkey, he’s chilling in his swamp… he’s cool!

What do the next couple of weeks hold for you and where are we going to see you next?

I can’t say too much, but hopefully good things are coming. Obviously I’m doing my campaigns with fashion brands so those will come out. But yeah – watch this space!

Would you ever follow the path of previous Islanders by appearing on other reality TV shows? If given the choice, which would you want to do the most and why?

I wouldn’t do Celebs Go Dating – no more dating shows! I would love to do the Bake Off, Strictly… I would love to judge Strictly to be honest with you!