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Frankie just addressed the cheating rumours and his story doesn’t even make sense

Basically, he’s denying it

Yesterday, it emerged that Frankie slept with someone just hours before his iconic airport reunion with Samira. Shocking. I know.

He met a 26-year-old, called Stephanie, in London club Libertine. According to her, the pair went back to his hotel together and had sex, but the short affair ended when Frankie's manager turned up at 5am with a takeaway McDonalds.

This morning Frankie has confirmed he shared a bedroom with a woman named Stephanie he met in a London club. But he's denying actually cheating on Samira.

He told TalkRadio: "We met at a nightclub, we went out. The biggest mistake for me, and this is what me and Samira have spoken about and I had to apologise about, is that I was in the same room as those two,

"I was asleep, three beds, I went on the far left, they went on the far right at a hotel we stayed in."

It's important to note that Stephanie mentioned that it was only him and her in the hotel room. So something isn't adding up here. ?

"I'm going to meet Sam's mum tonight and she'll probably meet my family in the next few days," he added.

He concluded the interview, saying: "This is a real relationship. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and we are in a relationship."

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Before all of this came out, Samira spoke about what would happen if she found out Frankie cheated on her while she was still on Love Island.

She told The Sun: "If Frankie hasn't been faithful to me I would not pursue a romance with him, because I wouldn't see it as worth it.

"If he turns out not to be the man I thought he was and didn't have genuine feelings for me, I will move on and find happiness elsewhere. I won't ever regret leaving the villa.

"I have been really, really hurt in the past with ex-boyfriends. It is hard for me to open up and to go for things in a relationship but Frankie and I had a genuine connection."

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