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We are not worthy of Love Island’s Georgia, our new national treasure

She is the girl we all aspire to be


Every year someone enters Love Island who is not only too good for the villa, but also too pure for this cruel world. It was Camilla, the people's princess and the protector of feminism, in the last season. But this time round an unlikely heroine has won our hearts.

She's kind, she's funny, she isn't scared of being vulnerable, she's loyal and she's exactly the type of girl who would console you in the smoking area the minute you start having a breakdown about your shitty ex.

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Georgia Steel is a national treasure and we must protect her at all costs. Because the truth is, we all see bits of ourselves in Georgia. She's the normal, everyday girl we aspire to be. She doesn't sugarcoat things, she's secure in herself and she represents a generation of women who support other women. And here's the proof:

When Rosie was gaslighted by Adam, Georgia slept outside with her, proving she's an amazing friend

Georgia and Rosie walked into to the villa together and since that moment, Georgia stood by Rosie's side every step of the way, especially when Adam was really emotionally manipulative towards her. Georgia was the only one to leave the person she was coupled up with to sleep with Rosie outside on the daybeds.

Georgia isn't scared of being vulnerable

She openly admitted that she was playing a little game with Josh in the beginning, but eventually she brought her guard down, telling him she liked him.

Sure, she was a little hesitant at first, but it was really brave of her to do that considering Josh ended up coupling with Kaz in the end. Why does it always happen to the best people?!

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She was the first person to be at Laura's side when Wes turned out to be an absolute snake

And whether it was intended or not, last night she let Megan know whose side she was on regarding the Wes situation.

Georgia just says it how it is and it's actually inspiring.

She was loyal to Josh, despite knowing he was a total player

Georgia and Dani were the only girls to sleep outside, to avoid sharing a bed with the new boys. Now that is loyalty. Even though Josh exhibited signs of a fuckboy in the past, she's chose to be open-minded and wanted to see the best in him, because she's trusting.

She jumped in the pool while the other girls were watching, judging her and she honestly didn't care

Georgia has enough self confidence to not let other people's opinions of her affect her happiness. And honestly, it's refreshing. Watch the moment Megan called Georgia having fun "the Georgia show."

She's the girl who fixes your eyelashes on a night out and the friend who takes 200 photos of you when you ask her to take one

What's great about Georgia is that she's unapologetically herself. She oozes confidence but is also so caring at the same time. You know she's the type of girl that would tell you if your fake eyelash was falling off in a club toilet.

She remained dignified and composed when Josh coupled up with someone else

After spending days being unsure whether Josh would couple up with someone else, she stuck to her guns and remained loyal, only to see him come back with Kaz. It was heartbreaking. She looked like she was about to burst into tears, but she took a deep breath, flicked her ponytail and remained dignified. What an absolute queen.

She doesn't have a hidden agenda, she genuinely wants the best for her friends and those around her. With Georgia, what you see is what you get and we need more people like her in our world.

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