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These 20 photos of Adam from Love Island are so hot, they’re ILLEGAL in nine countries


Scientists have just discovered that the biggest source of global warming in the 21st century isn't burning fossil fuels. No. It's actually these 20 photos of Adam that are so hot, they will single-handedly be responsible for raising the global temperature of this planet by 4 degrees celsius towards the end of the century.

Sure, there is more to Adam than just his extremely sculpted body and chiseled jawline. There's more to him than his sultry dark brown eyes and perfectly shaped eyebrows and hair. I'm sure there's more to Adam than his ridiculous chest. But all I'm saying is, if these Instagram pictures are anything to go by then – wow. They're so hot, you may need a parent's signature to view them.

So yeah, you can say that these photos will wipe out humanity forever. And that is why they're already illegal in nine EU countries. The UK could be next to ban them, so you may want to look now before they're gone forever: