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Trash Gossip Column: Here he is, Georgia’s famous ex of three years and Sam Bird lookalike

The petty drama continues


Welcome to The Tab's Trash TV gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the internet today.

FIRSTLY, Georgia and Sam have unfollowed each other on Instagram

In case you didn't know, Georgia and Sam are going through the world's messiest break up and rumour has it, it's because she wasn't very loyal to him. Sam found texts on Georgia's phone, in which she admitted to sleeping over at her ex's house. Then Sam revealed that she sent SELFIES with her ex IN BED WITH HER to a friend. And now they've both unfollowed each other on Instagram. Shocking.

Secondly, Georgia's ex looks a bit like Sam???

Meet Paul Sykes, grandson of millionaire UKIP donor Paul Sykes – who Georgia dated for three years before she went on Love Island. He has a very similar vibe to Sam with the flashy clothes and the strangely groomed eyebrows.

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There seem to be two camps evolving – Team Sam and Team Georgia, but which Islanders have taken which side?

Dr Alex has outwardly expressed his support for Sam in this post:

Kendall and Kieran liked it, showing their loyalties to Sam.

Josh Denzel and Jack Charles have also liked a similar post on Sam's Instagram.

But most of the girls have taken Georgia's side. Grace, Laura Anderson, Rosie Williams, Dani, Eyal, Zara, Ellie and Idris Virgo have all shown support for Georgia by liking her latest Instagram posts.

But seriously, Team Sam or Team Georgia?

Is Chloe from last year's Love Island dating sperm eyebrows Kieran?

There were rumours that they're in a relationship but sadly, he has denied any romantic involvement.

Laura's quickly moved on from dead-beat Paul, as she's now dating Season One winner Max Morley

She posted a video of the new couple kissing on her Instagram story:

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Sam Gowland is getting rinsed for his tragic before and after transformation pic

He had to turn off the comment section because he was getting so much hate.

This is literally what I look like after I had a big dinner but okay.

Spencer Matthews, Vogue Williams and baby Theodore are going to have their own TV show

A source told The Sun: “Reality TV will always be in Spencer and Vogue’s blood — especially given they met on The Jump.

“After being approached a number of times, they’ve decided it’s time for them to head back on screen and open their doors to fans.

“Theodore, who is affectionately known as Beefy by his adoring parents, will be taking centre stage as the cameras follow his mum and dad knee deep in nappies, as they try to figure out how on earth to be the best mum and dad they can be.”

Binky has put her house back on the market, following her split from JP

She's selling the two-bedroom flat for £900k on Zoopla. This is what it looks like inside.

Gigi and Zayn are back together for the cold weather!

Nothing says cuffing season like getting back together with an ex. Congratulations to the happy couple. Can't wait for your wedding pictures. I swear I'm not bitter.

People are convinced X Factor is fixed because a contestant was wearing an ear-piece before the sing off

Armstrong, a contestant on this year's X Factor, was spotted wearing an ear-piece as he waited to hear the results of the vote. Viewers are questioning whether he already knew he'd be singing for the judges again.

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