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Who is Laura Crane, Love Island’s new surfer girl?

Everybody’s gone surfing, surfing Laura Crane

On Monday four new islanders entered the villa, after a brief detour via the frankly stressful island beach club. Amongst the arrivals was surfer and model Laura – here to turn the head of newly single boy Sam. But who is Laura Crane? Let's take a surfing safari through the life and times of Laura.

She's 23 and lives in Ericeira, Portugal

She grew up in North Devon, which is where she learned to surf – and spent several years travelling the world with no real base. However, she's moved permanently to Portugal pretty recently – maybe she's decided to "settle down" geographically and romantically?

She's a professional surfer

She's been competing since she was 13 and became British champion aged just 16 – she's ever represented the Team GB surfing team. Laura can be caught catching waves all around the world, from her hometown of Croyde to California:

She was featured in GQ's "hottest surfer babes" list

Laura's other claim to fame is being in Metro as a human metaphor for the concept of summer:

Laura's also a model and influencer

Laura's clearly one of those "already-semi-famous" Love Islanders -a s evidenced by the fact that she already has 120k insta followers. Maybe the producers asked her on the show to provide another twist to the saga of Sam and Georgia?

She's been modelling since she was 18 – with most of her shoots playing on the classic "beach + bikini + blonde" formula:

On Instagram she leverages her following to plug all sorts – from fancy yurts to running leggings:

She's looking for love in the villa

Laura has had two long term surfer boy boyfriends, who she is still close with, but she's looking for something new in the villa. Laura is looking for a boy with a sense of humour that she can share adventures with; her biggest turn-offs are arrogance and insecurity.

Short boys definitely need not apply – she once ran away from a date with a supposed "tall guy" after it turned out he was less than five foot. She clearly needs someone who's head doesn't get submerged in the deep end:

In her free time she loves snowboarding…

AKA the surfing of the peaks.

And skating

AKA the surfing of the car parks.

She has a Youtube channel where she gets angry at planes

"Heathrow, you could have closed for my first Youtube video" – Laura complains, fundamentally overestimating how important her video is compared to the operation of the second busiest airport in the world. She also uses the video to admit that she likes pineapple on pizza.

Inside, Outside, Laura Crane

With only two weeks left of the Love Island journey – maybe Laura is coming in at just the right time to ride the love wave all the way to the final.