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Love Island Gossip Column: Someone’s TATTOOED Megan on their arm and Josh’s ex looks exactly like Georgia

Yep, it’s another wild day of petty gossip!!

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Someone has literally got a tattoo of "dead" Megan on their arm

One of Megan's tagged photos on Instagram shows her being used as inspiration for a "dead girl" for a tattoo on someone's arm. I repeat. There's literally someone walking this Earth right now, with a tattoo of Muggy Megan on their arm. Imagine how much they'll get rinsed for it. Imagine being that person loool.

Josh's ex looks EXACTLY look like Georgia in this photo and it's kinda creepy

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No, you're not looking at a picture of Josh and Georgia enjoying their Love Island snorkeling date. He's actually enjoying a date on a boat with his ex of seven years, Nena, who looks scarily like our beloved Love Island contestant.

Ellie Jones has been sharing videos of Tommy Robinson on her Facebook and people are not happy

Jack's ex, Ellie, shared Tommy Robinson's videos following the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. One of the videos was of Tommy Robinson speaking at an alt-right rally in London, in which he branded Islam an "infestation" and called for martial law to "destroy this enemy".

Fans are calling for ITV to remove her from the series because of her support for the far-right campaigner.

It's not exactly the Beatles, but Eyal is singing at an NHS charity event live on Abbey Road today

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And amazingly, according to Eyal you can "buy your tickets for free!" I'm not sure he quite understands the concept.

Danny Dyer won't be meeting Jack in the meet-the-parents episode

The only thing all of us ever wanted was for Danny Dyer to go on Love Island and rinse everyone. But it looks like that won't be happening due to prior commitments, Danny Dyer won't be taking part in the show at the end of the month.

A source told The Sun: “Danny had booked time off work long before his daughter Dani had any inkling she would be going on Love Island.

“He has things already lined up during his time off, but there is a chance he could do a U-turn and change his mind to support Dani. The show has really grown on him."

Rosie and Niall going on the Harry Potter studios tour is the most wholesome content you'll see today

They even drove there together and everything, aw!!

Charlie Frederick is having weird Instagram beef with Olivia after she called him thick in an OK! interview

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When talking about ex-contestant Rosie Olivia told OK!: "She’s actually intelligent, whereas Hayley and Charlie could barely string a sentence together!”

A clearly offended Charlie took the issue to his Instagram story and said: "Not what you were saying at Ascot though is it, haha come on Live you wanted a slice." Awkward. ?

Zara's email is no longer sending automatic out-of-office replies, so she might be back in government

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She said on Loose Women this morning that she wants to go back to her government job. Maybe she already has, because an email we sent to her this morning was read by someone three minutes after we sent it.

Yes we really did just send her an email saying "test" and surprisingly, she's yet to reply.

Apparently Dr Alex was very much a ladies' man at uni

It's hard to believe I know, but someone who did Medicine at uni with Dr Alex can confirm that Alex was "very confident and banged a lot of girls." They also said that he's a "sound guy, not how they portray him."

Megan allegedly dated a bouncer from a club once, but it fizzled out because "he didn't have much money"

A former colleague who claims to have worked with Megan years ago told Heat Magazine that Megan had "dated a bouncer from the club, but he didn’t have much money so that fizzled out." The also said that she had "sugar daddies" and was a "spoilt brat." Savage.

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