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Revealed: The racist messages sent to Josh’s Instagram account after dumping Georgia

The screenshots are shocking

Josh Denzel from Love Island has been receiving a barrage of racist messages on Instagram.

The awful messages have been sent to his social media accounts following his decision to couple up with Kazimir Crossley instead of Georgia Steele.

The people running Josh's Instagram account while he's in the villa have exclusively given the screenshots to The Tab.

One user called him a "spear-thrower", saying things such as "hope you get deported when you get chucked out" and "are you and Samira related?"

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While another read: "Yeah black cunt don't you evaaaaa go anear any of white people anymore ya blackalitus cunttttt."

Josh has also been sent messages in which the racist abuse is directed at Kazimir such as: "Don't find it fair how you just left Georgia for that weirdo.

"Georgia is gorgeous and was so loyal to you! and you left her for a chink! such a snake."

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Some people have been sending him longer hate letters.

One such letter reads: "As for this new slag you with I fucking hate that homewrecker first of all can't spell her weird ass continental name shouldn't love island only be for uk nationals? The cheek to come in and destroy a relationship honestly hope she came in with chlamydia so she cant infect your ass (Slag like her probably should have taken an std test before coming in)

"By the way when you come out I got your your first sponsor it's with some leg lengthening specialist coz you a short fuck who literally went for this shorter bitch to seem like 6ft

Sent from my arse."

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Earlier this week, Josh decided to dump Georgia, who he was coupled up with since he came into the show. He "switched" her for new contestant Kazimir, who he met in Casa Amor and has known for less than a week, but says he has a better connection with.

When the dramatic recoupling took place on Monday, several celebrities and brands voiced their opinions on his decision.

Vicky Pattison, a former Geordie Shore star, called him the "biggest ass hat in Britain RIGHT NOW."

Furthermore, a fashion company called In The Style created a new discount code called "WEHATEJOSH10" which offers customers 25 per cent off their purchases on the website.

The company has been accused of online bullying Josh and their actions have been called "unprofessional" by Twitter users.

People have also questioned why In The Style decided to target Josh but not Adam, who has exhibited problematic behaviour to the female contestants in the past four weeks.

According to Josh's friend, ITV2 are looking into the incident.

Josh's friend Stefan has made a statement on his behalf, "thanking everyone who has been showing us support while Josh has been in the villa."

Josh has also been receiving support from his fans. They have urged him not to "listen to the haters" and condemned the racist messages he has been receiving.

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