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Dani has finally spoken out about her and Jack’s break up

If this isn’t Fiat 500 behaviour I don’t know what is

No one ever thought Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham's break up would be so dramatic. A few days ago Dani announced their split on her Instagram story, apparently it was very one sided but now they seem to be back together? Honestly, no one can keep up.

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There was confusion as Dani deleted the break up announcement post, and the pair were seen still commenting on each other's Instagram posts. Then there was even an alleged secret recording of Jack saying Dani dumped him for publicity!

But Dani Dyer has finally spoken out about the tumultuous past couple of days and naturally, explained everything in an Instagram comment.

Insta user Adele Stephanie commented on one of her photos: "Find it funny how people are saying it was a publicity stunt it's her fucking business no point trying to cause shite and spread shit you don't even know her and your judging her makes me laugh ???."

To which Dani replied: "@adelestephanie love you hun! I'm just a normal nutty girl who can be a bit crazy and irrational but what girl isn't! People need to understand I'm still learning. I'm not living my life to please people, ??."

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So there we have it! Apparently Dani was just being "nutty" and dumped her boyfriend in a very public post, for 3.4 million people to see! And then got back together with him.

Danny Dyer spoke out on The Jonathan Ross Show and said the couple are actually still together.

He said: "Jon, they’ve had a row. They’ve had a row, she’s got a bit emotional and I think she has whacked that [message] up and immediately regretted it.

"You know what women are like. I’m just saying she got a little bit irate, screaming and shouting, the ultimate way to punish him maybe. I don’t know what was going on but I can tell you now, they’re sweet."

And they're definitely back on as he was seen on her Instagram story last night.

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In the video, he's singing along to "Fix You"by Coldplay. How fitting. ?

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