Eirian Jane Prosser

King’s student quarantined in Italy following coronavirus outbreak

‘I feel like a prisoner’

Investigation: Why King’s students are waiting months to see a counsellor

One student waited eight months for their appointment

We asked people in the Maughan how it feels to be alone on Valentine’s Day

‘Is it that obvious I’m single?’

Coronavirus patient went to a conference in London with over 250 people

The patient then took an Uber to the hospital

Exclusive: King’s spent over £400,000 fixing September accommodation disaster

£260,000 was spent on travel cards

Watch: video exposes the scale of the mouse problem at Guy’s campus

It’s pretty grim too

UEA pays out £140k compensation for leaking students’ extenuating circumstances

298 students had their personal details leaked

Student sets up bizarre Hunger Games tournament for Twitter Tories

Who asked for this? Own up

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Champion Hill students fill lift with balloons to protest eviction

They’re taking extreme measures.

Exclusive: Love Island twin Eve Gale goes to King’s College London

I guess they are ‘smarter than people give them credit for’

CCTV released to find killers of KCL student who was stabbed outside Harrod’s

Mohamed was killed for his Rolex

UPDATE: Guy’s Campus has now reopened following yesterday’s attack

There are still some road closures and diversions

Everything we know about the London Bridge terrorist attack so far

The terrorist has been identified

UPDATE: Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook residents evacuated by police

Guy’s Campus has also been completely closed

‘I was so scared’: We spoke to students at Guy’s campus during the lockdown

‘They wouldn’t let us out the building’

UPDATE: Guy’s campus on lockdown following London Bridge incident

King’s have advised students not to travel

“Work late and die early”: UCU strike action shuts down Kingsway

“System change, not climate change”

Corbyn promises children will be taught about the evils of the British Empire

The manifesto plans to teach ‘historical injustices’

Meet Emily Hewertson: The KCL young tory going viral on the reg

She thinks politics and pre-drinks are a good combination