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All of the Love Islanders’ links to each other that prove the show is FIXED

This will actually mess with your head

This year more than ever, it seems the islanders all have connections to one another. And yet suspiciously, all of them act as though they've never seen each other in the flesh before.

But have you ever wondered just how many of the islanders knew each other before they entered the villa? Because if you haven't, prepare to be shocked.

If this isn't the proof we need to know the show is fixed, I don't know what is:

Megan and Alexandra

We were already aware the pair knew each other before the villa from the pictures they've both been in.

Then they were spotted kissing in Giggs' "Lock Doh" music video and Metro have confirmed it's definitely them. Yet we haven't witnessed them having a single conversation about it.

Alexandra and Kaz

Alexandra and Kaz know each other from working on the same photoshoot last year. Kaz tagged Alexandra as the make up artist on the shoot. It's unlikely they both don't remember meeting.

Samira and Charlie

It was revealed on the show that Samira and Charlie Frederick knew each other before the villa because they matched on a dating app. According to Charlie, Samira messaged him a few times and he ghosted her.

Jack and Dani

Remember when Jack knew exactly who Dani was before entering the villa, despite claiming he didn't? He liked pictures of her and her dad way before Love Island started. And it wouldn't even make sense that he liked them without knowing her, because there'd be no way he knew she was going into the villa until he met her on the first day.

New Ellie and Jack

Jack Fincham's literal ex walked into Casa Amor because the producers tried to mess with Dani and Jack's relationship. A fix!

Adam and Ellie

Ellie knew Adam from before the villa because she is really good friends with his ex, Claudia Proctor. They've even been pictured clubbing together.

Eyal and Paul

Eyal posted on his Instagram story before Paul went in to the villa saying: "Good Luck Knopsy", hinting he knows the new contestant on a personal level.

Stephanie and Chris Hughes

Stephanie was on and off with Chris Hughes since January and insiders told The Sun Online that Stephanie quit her job when she was approached to be part of this year's show. She deleted pictures of her and Chris from her social media before she went on Love Island.

Georgia and Amber Davies

Amber Davies revealed on Lorraine that she met Georgia in a bar one night and Georgia asked her to put her forward for Love Island. Amber told her: "Yeah, that's fine, I'll do it.'

Adam and Alex Beattie

Alex and Adam train together at the gym. Coincidence? I think not.

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