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These unholy pictures of Charlie from Love Island will make you feel like you’ve eternally sinned



Adam, the really fit one from Love Island, has broken everyone's hearts with his terrible personality. And yeah it sucks because we all hoped he'd be last year's Jamie, stealing Kendall's fragile and vulnerable heart and letting her slowly heal from a terrible break up. Thought it's okay. We all get hurt sometimes. You can't have the highs without the lows, right? Stars can't shine without darkness and all that. Deep breaths everyone.

You know how they say "someone better will come along?" Well, they are totally right, because this Sunday, Charlie Frederick aka. a literal God, will be walking into the villa. And he already seems to be a lot nicer than oily big snake Adam.

He's so fit, it's unbelievable he isn't a Renaissance sculpture. His body literally looks like it was chiselled by Michelangelo himself. Those quads are phenomenal. Breathe it all in with your eyes. Let those blue eyes pierce you and run your hand through his sandy blonde hair. Embrace that perfect jaw.

Fine I'll stop talking now, so you can just appreciate his true artistic beauty yourselves. You're welcome: