Nothing to see here, just some pictures of Jamie from Love Island ripping your clothes off with his beautiful eyes

Move along please


“I’m a normal woman,” said Love Island contestant Camilla about her new man Jamie Jewitt, “of course every person would want to have sex with him, I mean look at him.”

And as she spoke, women and men across the nation nodded along, open-mouthed and wide-eyed. There’s no denying it, Jamie Jewitt is a ridiculous human being. The Essex based model has worked for Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger and once challenged himself to do a marathon every week.

Of course there’s more to Jamie than his ridiculous looks — he bonded with Camilla over Richard Dawkins and Yuval Noah Harari, has travelled the world and can write messages bringing the nation to tears using just toast and avocados.

And just when you thought you couldn’t fall any deeper, you find his Instagram. Picture after picture of smouldering brown eyes that pierce right through your heart, abs carved from stone by Zeus’ bare hands, a jawline that could slice glass into shards and there’s even a pic of him holding a french bulldog!! Words cannot do justice, so take a look for yourself: