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This is how you can find out which celebrity you look like the most

Help, I’m addicted to this app

You've probably seen people posting pictures of themselves morphing into a famous celebrity on social media and wondered what app they're using. It's called the Gradient app and it will show you who your celebrity doppelganger is.

Here's everything you need to know about Gradient and how to use it:

What is the Gradient app?

Gradient Photo Editor is an app which is available on iOS and Android. It became popular after the Kardashians used their look-a-like selfies on Instagram as sponsored posts.

How can I download the Gradient app?

Go to the App store or Android Apps to download Gradient.

How do I see what celebrity I look like on the Gradient app?

Step 1) Select a selfie you want to upload.

Step 2) See which celebrity you look like the most.

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Is the Gradient app free?

It is free to see which celebrity you look like. You can get the unlimited version for free during a three day trial and then will be charged £19.49 a month.

Or you can pay weekly at a rate of £4.99.

What happens to the photos I upload?

People are worried where their photos might end up, with concerns over privacy settings. This is after the selfie FaceApp was linked to Russian spying.

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