This is how to get that 90s filter for your Instagram photos

It all makes sense now

You may have seen people posting photos on Instagram with a vintage filter that has a mysterious orange tint, blurred corners and a date in the bottom right hand corner.

But no, they haven't all randomly invested into vintage cameras. Turns out there's a new app called Huji, which can make all your photos look old-school.

And honestly it looks like it's gonna be the next big thing for anyone who cares about their Instagram aesthetic.

yeah I mean I can get on board with this filter everyone’s obsessing over

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Here's how to get it:

1. Download the app from the App Store. It's free but for £0.99 you can use the filter on any photos from your Camera roll. The free version will only let you take photos and develop them in real time (like a real camera.)

2. Open the app up and bring your eye close to the view finder.

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3. Take a picture (you can even take a selfie). Yes, I know I look dead in the eyes.

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4. The photo will develop and will add a random light effect (you can turn this feature off.)

Voila, your picture will instantly look artsy and cool.

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The hipsters would never tell you they've found this app, so don't say we don't spoil ya.