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19-year-old student dies after rugby initiation drinking game

The Gloucestershire fresher died from alcohol poisoning

A University of Gloucestershire student died from alcohol toxicity when a rugby initiation drinking game went wrong earlier this year.

Samuel Potter, a 19-year-old from Surrey died on May 9th 2019.

The Gloucestershire Coroner Court was told that the initiation was held at an address in Seymour Road, Linden, Gloucestershire.

Third and fourth year students from the rugby club made the alcoholic drinks.

The student's mother said: "We want to find out how this situation arose and how it happened, to prevent it from happening again.

"There may be a code of conduct which the university did not follow."

Samuel Potter was affectionately known as "Potts" and was a committed member of the Esher ruby team.

The Surrey club said he was “admired as a player, a natural leader and a mate by everyone that had the honour to play with or coach him”.

"There was never a raised voice, rarely a complaint, but always wisdom beyond his years in terms of reading the game and identifying what needed to be done to secure victory."

A fundraising campaign for a memorial bench at the Esher rugby club raised more than £3,500 and it's hoped there will be enough for a bench at the university campus.

An inquest will be held between February and May 2020 at the Gloucestershire Coroner's Court where police officers, university representatives and students will give evidence.

A representative for the university said: “Staff and students across the University of Gloucestershire community have been deeply saddened by Sam’s tragic death.

“However, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further until the inquest is fully concluded. Our thoughts remain with Sam’s family and friends at this very distressing time.”

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