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The biggest celeb transformations of the decade to prove you’re not ugly, just poor

Wooooow okkkkk

Do you ever feel a little ugly? Not loads, but just enough to make you question whether you need to get some freckle tattoos or lip fillers. Maybe if you get your eyelashes permed, you'll look more like Kylie Jenner. Or if you get a waist trainer, you'll look like every FaceTuned Instagram influencer promoting charcoal toothpaste and vitamin gummies.

But let me stop you right there. You're not ugly. You just don't have the time or money to have a personal trainer, diet, and get very expensive yet subtle surgery.

Kylie Jenner

Before: Kylie looked like any normal teenager before the spray tans and the complete face reconstruction

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Now: She now looks very different because she's darker, her lips are fuller and her make up is very intense.

Kendall Jenner

Before: Ah sweet, sweet Kendall. Remember when you used to wear lip gloss?

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Now: Sorry the old Kendall can't come to the phone right now, she doesn't exist.

Megan Barton Hanson

Before: Megan looked completely different before she went on Love Island.

Now: She now has lighter hair with extensions in and her facial features are more exaggerated.

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Ellie Brown

Before: Ellie is the one on the right! She looked so different to how she looks now.

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Now: Ellie's eyebrows are a completely different shape and have changed the look of her entire face.

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Laura Anderson

Before: Laura Anderson used to have darker hair and fewer fillers.

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Now: She looks like she could be in the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

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Amber Davies

Before: Amber's eyebrows were sharper, thinner and her face less plump.

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Now: She has lighter hair, does her make up differently and her eyebrows and lips have changed shape.

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Kady McDermott

Before: Kady is most remembered for being a contestant on Love Island. Most of the time, she rocked a natural look.

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Now: She does her hair and make up a little differently now.

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Charlotte Crosby

Before: Charlotte used to have dark hair and a fresh face.

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Now: She's now blonde and has had a significant amount of work done to her face.

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Holly Hagan

Before: Holly had very … interesting hair extensions and quotation mark eyebrows.

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Now: I just don't understand??? Why do all the Geordie Shore girls look the same? Is this Chloe? She now has blonde hair and her face looks completely different.

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Chloe Ferry

Before: Remember when Chloe used to have straight, red hair? Me neither. She looks so young here!

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Now: Chloe's lips are larger and eyebrows are more defined. She wears really long and curly eyelashes. She also loves the highlighter. Her hair is blonde.

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Louise Thompson

Before: Made In Chelsea's Louise was fresh faced, with no work done on her face.

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Now: Louise's lips seem larger, cheeks are plumper and her eyebrows are a different shape.

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Jess Wright

Before: Jess's thin eyebrows and fake tan are giving me late noughties anxiety.

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Now: Her eyebrows are a different shape now and her fake tan less patchy. She's also had some filler in her lip.

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Megan McKenna

Before: Megan McKenna's first TV appearance featured her auditioning for X Factor.

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Now: She has blonde hair now and her eyebrows are fuller. Her nose is thinner and she's deffo had her lips done.

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Ferne McCann

Before: Never forget Ferne McCann in The Only Way Is Essex. Every scene involving was dramatic af. She used to have super thin eyebrows.

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Now: She now has thicker eyebrows, she's had a nose job and had her lips plumped with filler. And she looks very different.

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Little Mix

Before: Look at them, so innocent! Their outfits were inspired.

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Now: Proof that if you have some money and some stylists, you will never rock a snapback again. Little Mix's style has really changed in the last few years.

Ariana Grande

Before: Ariana looked like any normal teenager who wore heavy eyeliner and didn't touch their eyebrows.

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Now: Her eyebrows are a completely different shape and she does her make up quite a few shades darker than her actual skin colour.

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Bella Hadid

Before: Bella's youthful face used to have very different features.

Now: Bella's eyebrows seem to go on forever, her lips are plumper and nose smaller. Also, did she always have freckles?

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