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Look at us, laughing at these 23 hilarious Paul Rudd memes, who woulda thought?

This meme is the best

It seems like only yesterday we bathed in the rhiiise and shine memes, but today Paul Rudd memes have taken over the internet.

The Paul Rudd memes started when the actor appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones and participated in a spice challenge. He ate all of the spicy hot wings in the challenge and did so without drinking any water or milk. Afterwards, he looked at the show's host and says the iconic phrase: "Look at us. Hey look at us. Who would have thought? Not me." And now it's become an excellent meme.

These are the best Paul Rudd memes on the internet right now:

1. Loooool I feel attacked

2. If you know, you know

3. At least we are funny!!!

4. I can't stop watching it

5. Amazing

6. I want to laugh and cry at the same time

7. Hahahaha nothing like still being drunk at brunch the next day

8. We always knew you'd crack

9. I don't want to stop seeing these tweets

10. The English Lit references are 10/10

11. It's a surprise every time!

12. Hahahah this is how all my relationships started and now I'm alone

13. Five arguments later

14. Lol I am traumatised

15. No comment

16. Is this… money?

17. Hey Siri, call my therapist again

18. *Goes out once*

19. Or all the atheists finding each other in hell

20. The gamer community needs to stop

21. This meme is slowly becoming your sleep paralysis

22. Yes this is my own tweet, cuff me

23. We go again!

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