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Inject these 42 fish tube memes straight into my gills

Just let me ride the fish tube, please

If you're into Twitter you might have seen everyone talking about this thing called a "fish tube", and fish tube memes have risen to the kind of ubiquity once enjoyed by 30-50 feral hogs. To understand the meme, watch the video below:

The Whooshh Fish Transport System, aka the salmon cannon, is designed to transport salmon upstream over a dam through a flexible pressurised tube. You might be wondering "why on earth is this a thing?" Well it's because salmon are migratory species and need to swim upstream to spawn. Jesus Christ were you even awake in GCSE Biology? Read a book.

Now the case has been made that the fish tube isn't really a new thing, since the salmon cannon has been in operation for several years now. Fish tube deniers have also been quick to point out our need for a fish tube only represents how badly we've messed up out planet.

But honestly none of that matters. What does matter is people are obsessed with the fish tube, and these are the fishiest tubiest memes swimming around right now:

1. Can I make fish tubes with my English degree?

2. Lady GaGa is 100 per cent a fish tube believer

3. Despite all the punctuation this tweet is *chef's kiss*

4. I imagine this is totally accurate

5. NEVER refer to the fish tube as a 'silly straw'

6. I love Alexandra Burke too

7. Seriously if you want to pitch this DM me x

8. I'm right over heeeere, over the dam, ohhhh

9. Wanting to ride the fish tube is a recurring theme, as you'll see

10. Relatable

11. Good to see this format still bangs

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I don't see why you have to be a fish to ride the fish tube

12. It's okay you're going upstream to spawn

13. You go up the fish tube you fool

14. What happens if you vomit in the fish tube

15. Fish tube memes got real very quickly

16. In this essay I will…

17. 'The tube'? You mean The Fish Tube™

18. Not as good as the Coldplay one but fair play

19. Ah the crossover begineth

20. Thanks for the microwave political take no one wanted, Stephen!

21. Yes, quite

22. Tbh we could replace the Eurostar with it, too

23. More feral hog crossover ahoy

24. Like this tweet if you read literature

25. But what is a Hot Girl Summer???

26. Would watch, obv

27. Fish tube memes getting even bleaker

28. You get a quid if you get the reference


30. Look at those full stops – that's over 14,000 likes right there

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You. Don't. Speak. For. Me. Ariel. But. I. Agree

31. Okay you didn't have to shit in our cereal like that

32. Great game, Roller Coaster Tycoon

33. Billy Joel could never

35. Are you okay Matt?

36. 'Yeet me through the fish tube' t-shirts soon come

37. Very good reference


39. 🙁

40. *Googles how to fish tube a person*

41. Fish tube > Flying cars, there I said it

42. A classic

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