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‘It wasn’t just one text’: This is exactly what Greg has said about the breakup with Amber

The Love Island winner finally speaks out

The news of Greg and Amber breaking up rocked the entire nation last weekend and while all of us hoped it was a cruel joke, Greg has confirmed he broke up with Amber.

The Love Island winner went on The Late Late Show and said the couple tried to make it work but the distance and work commitments got way too much. However, he completely denies dumping her over text.

Greg said: “Me and Amber have been chatting the last few days and the whole thing about breaking up over text isn’t true. But we need to be realistic about the situation, and the fact she’s in the UK.”

He continued: “We’re both so busy and we need to take these opportunities and protecting our careers. She has every brand wanting to work with her, and I’m trying to make the team for the Olympics with the Ireland 7s.

“It was over a long time, it wasn’t just one text.”

But he hasn’t ruled out a reunion with her in the future as he said: “I’m mad about her and I hope she’s mad about me too. Who knows what the future holds.”

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via Instagram @amberrosegill

The couple won the show together just five weeks ago. They have now become the third Love Island 2019 couple to split up. Anton and Belle broke up only last week and Harley and Chris broke up four weeks ago, just two weeks after becoming exclusive at the end of the show.

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