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Who is Adam Demos? The earth-shatteringly hot Jake from Netflix’s ‘Falling Inn Love’

And where does he live? Asking for a friend

Let's cut to the chase. You've just binge-watched Netflix's latest rom-com 'Falling Inn Love' and can't get over how hot Jake is. And now you're frantically googling everything about Adam Demos like how old he is, where he lives and whether he's single. Don't worry, I'm one step ahead of you and found out everything you need to know already:

Who is Jake from Falling Inn Love in real life?

Jake is played by Adam Demos, who is Australian and not from New Zealand! He was born in Wollongong, on the coast of New South Wales in Australia. Adam actually worked in construction until the age of 23 (method acting!!!) and had a career change when he signed up to evening acting classes.

In an interview with Refinery29, Adam said: "It’s quite bizarre, when I started construction, I used to dream about being an actor. Then all of a sudden all these years later I’m on set acting, pretending to do construction and I don’t actually have to do it."

How old is Adam Demos?

Adam Demos was born on May 24 in 1986. Which makes him 33 years old. He's also a Gemini.

Does Adam Demos have a girlfriend?

Last year, Adam told Australia's magazine 'Who' that he was single. Since then, there hasn't been any new information about Adam's relationship status (which is good news), but last year he was spotted kissing two publicists from the same network at the same event. Amazing.

And for those hoping he might be dating Christina Milian, she's actually with a French artist called Matt Pokora.

What's Adam Demos' Instagram?

Adam's Instagram handle is @adam_demos. He has a verified account with 60.8k followers, but that will probably change as thousands of people start flocking to his page after watching Falling Inn Love.

He's been posting cute snaps with Christina Milian from behind the scenes of Falling Inn Love.

Also his account is just full of thirst traps like this:

Adam used to have long hair last year, proving he can literally rock any hairstyle.

I would just like to take a moment to thank the Netflix gods and Falling Inn Love for bringing Adam Demos into my life.

What else has Adam Demos starred in?

Adam has had a few minor roles but his big break was in 2017, when he played Nate Baldwin in the ABC Australia drama called Janet King. He also starred a surfer called August Walked on UnREAL. Netflix's Falling Inn Love was Adam's first ever film.

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What next for Adam Demos? He told Refinery 29 that he's going to do some travelling and that acting can wait. Wow. A man who knows what he wants. We love to see it.

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