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These 13 memes from last night’s debate prove we’re living in a dystopian hellscape

Lol how did Britain ever run the world? We’re a mess

Last night, ITV held a General Election debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Then an hour later showed all the other leaders being interviewed individually.

But the highlight of the night wasn't what the leaders said. The memes about the debate and the official Conservative Twitter account temporarily transforming into a "checking profile" stole the limelight instead.

These 13 memes from last night's debate prove we're living in a dystopian hellscape:

1. Someone made a parody Italian CCHQ account and it's hilarious

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2. Mamma miaaa!!!

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3. No but seriously, can we get Italian Elon Musk back or

4. This tweet is golden

5. And then it actually made it on BBC News lmao

6. !!! Genuinely thought this one was true

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7. Hahahahha *puts clown make up on and votes for Lib Dems*

8. ?

9. Oh wait, not sure this one is a meme and now it's depressing

10. Well this isn't a lie!

11. Ah yes, Lib Dems, the famous backers for us to remain in the EU and er – *checks notes* …nuclear annihilation?

12. I just want Love Island back, Ovie for PM

13. Yeah this is all a bit fascisty isn't it pals???

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