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Relive the drama ONE MORE TIME with 27 additional Coleen Rooney memes

I never want it to end


Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy will go down in history for providing the internet with the best celebrity drama of the century.

If you somehow missed the news, Coleen Rooney accused someone of leaking fake stories about her to The Sun and then she said it was… Rebekah Vardy's Instagram account.

Yeah, you've probably already seen some memes about it, but here are 27 MORE hilarious memes to make you relive all the drama:

1. An accurate representation imho

2. Coleen uniting the country after Brexit has torn everything apart

3. Lmaaaaao this is too much

4. When you and Coleen are the same but she's rich, stunning, a genius and you just have no mates

5. If you read books, you will get it

6. Get Coleen in the supreme court

7. If you really cared about climate change, you'd speak up

8. A true feminist icon

9. They have to be related

10. I said what I said

11. No lies detected

12. When two worlds collide

13. Nothing like a classic vine reference

14. Please, stop making me laugh, it's hurting my stomach

15. It's the biggest doof doof of our time

16. Hahahahahaha

17. I know I sound crazy right…

18. Wow, I guess everyone is a snake once you're famous huh

19. Give her all of my TV Licence money

20. Dw Scarlett, there are trees in this biopic

21. Football Twitter and Fiat 500 Twitter having a mad one today

22. I can't get it out of my head

23. Well, at least she's honest

24. Another day, another hero

25. At this point, I'm convinced Coleen can read minds

26. Facts

27. Hahahaha please never ever stop with the memes

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