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Who is Emily Canham? The 22-year-old YouTuber turning down £7,000 for a minute’s work

She’s also dating a Busted band member

Emily Canham is a 22-year-old YouTuber who has made so much money on the platform, she recently turned down £7,000 for one minute's work. YouTube has been so profitable, she doesn't even know what her yearly income is.

But who is Emily Canham? And what do we know about her?

Who is Emily Canham and when did she start YouTube?

Five years ago, Emily quit school just before taking her A-Levels because she was being bullied. She was worried that she was spending so much time alone, so to make use of her time, she started posting fashion and beauty videos online.

She told The Daily Mirror: "I didn’t go to school for them [A levels] because it was a hard time for me mentally, I was very down and felt trapped.

"YouTube was the thing that took me out of that. Because I spent so much time at home and not with my friends, I thought “let’s try this whole YouTube thing.

"I made a few videos, I deleted them, I didn’t upload them. It took me about sixth months to actually upload my first one and it steadily grew from there."

Two years later, she was made L'Oreal makeup ambassador and now she has one million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Emily says she did YouTube as a hobby and it accidentally became her career. Her teachers agreed that she could the the rest of the year off and return the following year. In 2015, Emily was vlogging full time and living in London.

She said: "My mum said my parents would support me for six months and then I would need to pay my rent and my way to see where YouTube would lead to.

The first paycheck she got from YouTube was £60 through advertising. And now she has an entire team working with her.

Wait, so why did she turn down the £7,000 a minute?

Emily earns her money through sponsored posts, affiliate links and brand mentions. But she's very fussy about the brands she will work with.

She recently refused a £7,000 deal, most likely due to the fact she didn't want to work with the company.

Emily says she's removed herself from the financial part of the business and has hired an agent. She doesn't even know what her yearly income is.

She said: "I don’t personally deal with my fees. I have a great relationship with my team. I say to them that I would rather not know specifically what I charge."

Who is Emily Canham dating?

Emily is dating Busted band member James Bourne who is 36. The pair were worried about the 14 year age gap but took things slow in the beginning. They've now been dating for more than a year after they were introduced through James' brother.

Emily has revealed she was never into Busted's music. She said: "When Busted were big back in the day, it wasn’t really my thing. I only really discovered Busted when McFly toured with them and I just thought wow this is cool, I like their music. It wasn’t like I had been a fan of him since I was young."

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