Meet Sophia Hutchins: Model and Caitlyn Jenner’s 23-year-old partner

They live together in Malibu

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With the start of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2019, we’ve been getting to know a lot more about Caitlyn Jenner. And obviously, a lot is already known about her family, the Kardashians. But what about her partner, Sophia Hutchins?

Here’s everything you need to know about the model who lives with Caitlyn Jenner.

Sophia Hutchins is 23-years-old

Sophia Hutchins is 23-years-old, the same age as Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter, Kendall.

Sophia is also a transgender woman. She was born as Scott, and began her transition in 2015. She revealed her decision to transition in her school newspaper and said Caitlyn Jenner was her inspiration.

via Instagram @hutchins_sophia

She graduated from Pepperdine University in 2018

Sophia graduated with a degree in economics and finance in 2018, initially intending to pursue a career in banking. She went to Perpperdine University which is close to Caitlyn’s home in Malibu.

She’s a model and businesswoman

Sophia is the CEO and Founder of LUMASOL, a sunscreen designed to be applied after putting on makeup.

Previously, she has worked as the CEO of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which aims to “promote equality and combat discrimination by providing grants to organisations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people”.

Sophia is also an aspiring model.

via Instagram @hutchins_sophia

Sophia Hutchins has been ‘dating’ Caitlyn Jenner since 2015

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner met in 2015 when they were introduced by a mutual hairdresser. In an interview last year, Sophia said how they met, “kicked it off and developed a shared relationship”.

Sophia moved in with Caitlyn Jenner in Malibu, Los Angeles, last year. They still live together now and own dogs together.

The pair have always been referred to as each other’s “girlfriends” and as “dating”. Sophia seemed to confirm the rumours during a question and answer video on Instagram. One person asked: “Are you in a relationship?” and Sophia answered: “Oh yes!” with a love heart eye emoji.

via Instagram @hutchins_sophia

She’s pals with the entire Kardashian family

Sophia Hutchins is basically part of the Kardashian clan. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her hanging around with them all. She’s at their birthday parties, press events and ceremonies with them all.

via Instagram @hutchins_sophia

More recently Sophia Hutchins has been referring to herself as Caitlyn’s ‘closest friend’

Sophia was interviewed on Loose Women this week. She opened up about their relationship and the 47-year age gap between the two of them.

Sophia said: “I would say that we are partners in every way, that’s what I’ve said for a long time. We do business together, I still manage her career while running my own company.

“We have dogs together, we live together. Really, I think it comes down to that we are family at the end of the day. I think that’s been a really special connection I don’t think you find with a lot of people.

“We have such a big age difference, so there’s not really a romantic sense to that relationship which I’ve said before as well. I would say it comes down to a really good partnership in business and when it comes to personal it really is family.”

Sophia on Loose Women

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