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These 26 ‘Is there a doctor on this flight?’ memes will make you regret your career choices


Is there a doctor on this flight memes have taken over Twitter in the past few days and they're making everyone feel personally attacked. If you feel insecure about your career choices or the degree you study, these Is there a doctor on this flight memes are for you.

What are the Is there a doctor on this flight memes about?

These are the funniest 26 Is there a doctor on this flight memes on the internet right now:

1. Ah journalism, how I loathe thee

2. Every philosopher's nightmare

3. When you get a little too invested in Instagram influencers

4. Why do doctors love talking about being doctors?

5. Wow, why you gotta rinse me like that?

6. Lmao

7. I DiD nOt dO FilM StudIEz tO Be RinSed lIke ThiS

8. This was the original tweet that blew up

9. Hi guyssssss, don't forget to subscribe

10. Good take

11. Ah, not only am I poor, now we're all laughing about my career too, brilliant

12. Why are people in advertising so annoying

13. Medical students suck

14. Am I AITCH yet?

15. Let me study Creative Writing in peace pls

16. Wow this was a wholesome take

17. *Deletes tweet*

18. I'm telling you, if you can work Excel, you can do anything

19. I am WOKE dad

20. I don't understand this but if you do, laugh

21. Ah, good old James Joyce, always up for a laugh

22. Live-blogging is cool too! Don't let anyone stop you!

23. I mean if you want to make a living off shit-posting, go for it

24. *Cries in dissertation*

25. Hey Siri, is it bad that I laughed?

26. Big up immigrant parents memes x

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