Hugh Grant and Sajid Javid are having beef after Sajid called Hugh ‘incredibly rude’

This is so pathetic loooool

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On this week's most unexpected celebrity beef, Sajid Javid is crying because Hugh Grant refused to shake his hand at a film premiere.

Sajid said that Hugh had been "incredibly rude" at the premiere for the new film The Irishman.

He told the Evening Standard Magazine: “I recognised him and put my hand out and said, ‘Lovely to meet you’, and you know what he does? He refuses to shake my hand.

“He says, ‘I am not shaking your hand’. I am completely shocked.

“He said, ‘When you were culture secretary you didn’t support my friends in (anti-media intrusion campaign) Hacked Off.’

“I wonder if people like Hugh Grant think they are part of the elite and they look down on working class people no matter what station they reach in life.”

Hugh tweeted yesterday that his version of events wasn't included in the Evening Standard, as well as a lot of the articles published about the incident.

He then tweeted out the full statement his spokesperson gave to the Press Association:

“Grant’s words were ‘If you don’t mind, I won’t shake your hand because you were rude and dismissive to the victims or press abuse when you met them as culture secretary.’

“Hugh would like to point out that the victims in question were not celebrities. They were people with personal family tragedies who had been abused by sections of the press."

Hugh Grant was talking about a meeting that took place between Sajid Javid and "the victims of press abuse… (who) reported back that his attitude in the meeting was 'borderline contemptuous.'"

Sajid Javid's full interview in which he calls Margaret Thatcher his inspiration as a teenager is out in this week's issue of the Evening Standard Magazine.

Featured image credit: Hugh Grant photograph taken by Julien Rath and Sajid David photograph taken by SWNS.

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