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‘Labour Anti-Semitism is worse than Tory Islamophobia’, claims Times columnist

Apparently, there is ‘no equivalence’ between the two

The Times published an article which was originally headlined "Corbyn's antisemitism is worse than Johnson's remarks about Muslims" yesterday.

The article, written by Philip Collins, a columnist at The Times has received widespread criticism online for comparing the two forms of racism and pitting two minority communities against one another.

The article has been called irresponsible by journalist Rachel Shabi.

Collins has also been criticised for using the phrase "the Muslim question" in the article.

For those questioning whether Islamophobia is a systemic problem in the Conservative party, a recent poll found that 40 per cent of Tory members want limits on Muslims entering the UK, 43 per cent don't want a Muslim Prime Minister and 67 per cent believe that Sharia Law rules parts of the UK.

It was only last year that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made remarks about Muslim women who wear the niqab, calling them "letterboxes."

The article's headline has now been changed to "Labour's racism is worse than the Tory kind."

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