Sally Rooney’s Normal People is being made into a BBC series

It’s going to be a 12-part drama!

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Sally Rooney's novel Normal People is going to be adapted into a 12-part BBC series.

The author has written a screenplay for the upcoming BBC adaption and the series will also air on Hulu in America. It will be coming out in 2020.

Who is going to be starring in Normal People?

Paul Mescal will be acting as Connell and Daisy Edgar Jones will play the part of Marianne. Daisy is recognisable from War of the Worlds, Cold Geed and most recently the BBC drama Gentleman Jack.

Where is Normal People being filmed?

Filming has taken place in Dublin, Sligo and Italy.

What is Normal People about?

The coming of age novel is set in mid-2000s Ireland. The story follows a romance between main characters Marianne and Connell. At first, Marianne is a social outcast and Connell is the football star in the popular group at school.

The two don't initially socialise , but Connell's mother works as a cleaner for Marianne's family. They slowly get to know each other and start having a relationship, but Connell tries to keep it under wraps because he doesn't want people finding out he's "hanging out" with the weird girl.

They both end up in the same university, but now the tables have turned. Marianne is the social butterfly while Connell is awkward and shy. They instantly find a connection but what will happen next?

Normal People will premier next year on BBC and Hulu.

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