Meet the cast of ‘The Politician’: Netflix’s new high school drama

You’ll recognise a lot of them

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Netflix has just released a new binge-watch high school drama called "The Politician." The series is all about a rich teenager who wants to become president of the United States. And The Politician cast is full of familiar faces.

Season one of the series revolves around Payon Hobart and his race to become class president. Here is everyone who is in The President cast.

Ben Platt – Payton Hobart

via Instagram @bensplatt

Ben Platt plays the lead role of Payton Hobart. Payton is the reason the show is called "The Politician" – he is a wealthy student who wants to become the student body president and ultimately President of the USA.

You probably recognise Ben Platt as Benji from Pitch Perfect.

Zoey Deutch – Infinity Jackson

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Zoey is a 24-year-old actress from LA. She plays Infinity Jackson in The Politician. Infinity is a teenager at the high school who has cancer. Payton asks her to run as his vice president.

Zoey is another member of The Politician cast who is a recognisable face. She was in Vampire Academy and played Ed Sheeran's love interest in the music video for "Perfect".

Lucy Boynton – Astrid Sloan

via Instagram @lucyboynton1

Astrid, played by Lucy Boynton, is the school's resident pretty girl. She's also Payton's arch-enemy. She encourages her boyfriend River to run against Payton in the school's presidential election.

Bob Balaban – Keaton Hobart

The Politician / Netflix

Bob Balaban plays Keaton Hobart, Payton's dad.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Georgina Hobart

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Gwyneth Paltrow plays Payton's mum, Georgina Hobart. Payton's mum supports his wish to become a high flying politician and does what she can to support him.

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't take much explaining. She's the extremely famous Hollywood actress who has been in films such as the Avengers, Iron Man and Shakespeare in Love.

Jessica Lange – Dusty Jackson

Jessica Lange in American Horror Story / Netflix

Jessica Lange plays Dusty Jackson, who is Infinity's grandma. You probably recognise Jessica from her role in American Horror Story, also on Netflix.

David Corenswet – River

The Politician / Netflix

River is played by David Corenswet who just happens to be extremely fit and six foot four. His character River is popular, charismatic and is dating the school's prettiest girl – Astrid.

Julia Schlaepfer – Alice Charles

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Julia Schlaepfer plays Alice in The Politician, who is Payton's girlfriend.

Julia also starred in Charlie Says and Instinct.

Laura Dreyfuss – McAfee

via Instagram @loladre

McAfee, played by Laura Dreyfuss, is one of Payton's closest school friends. Laura also played Madison in the final series of Glee.

Theo Germaine – James

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James is played by Theo Germaine. James is one of Payton's closest friends and acts as a political advisor to him.

In real life, Theo is an openly trans actor from Central Illinois. Fun fact: After Theo left school, they went on to study trapeze, fire breathing, fire eating and stilt walking.

Rahne Jones – Skye Leighton

via Instagram @rahne_jones

Rahne Jones plays the part of Skye. Skye is a proud non-binary student at the school who River takes on as his running mate for the election. This is Rahne's first TV role.

Benjamin Barrett – Ricardo

via Instagram @benabarrett

Benjamin Barrett plays the part of Ricardo. Ricardo is Infinity's secret boyfriend.

Watch the trailer for The Politician on Netflix here:

The Politician is available to stream on Netflix now.

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