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ASOS is sending out parcels saying Premier is £14.99, but don’t worry it’s still £9.95

The prices went up in August, but have been brought back down after customer outrage

People have been freaking out that the price of ASOS Premier has gone up to £14.99 because that's what it says on their return slips. But don't worry, ASOS Premier is still £9.95.

ASOS changed their Premier prices to £14.99 in August this year, but it was set back to £9.95 due to customer feedback. When asked, 75.6 per cent of ASOS Premier subscribers said the price rise would put them off signing up to ASOS Premier again.

An ASOS spokesperson told The Tab: “We’ve listened to our customers and have decided to put the price of Premier Delivery in the UK back to £9.95, for a year of unlimited, free Next-Day Delivery. We have contacted all our customers who purchased Premier at £14.99 with a code for £5, which they can redeem on their next purchase.”

The spokesperson added: "We still have lots of old returns slips, which need to be used up before we print new ones. We're committed to our Environmental policy principles of recycling. Throwing away unused returns slips just isn't our style!"

But some customers are upset that ASOS is not refunding their new Premier customers and instead giving them a voucher code with an expiration date. Also, people are annoyed because technically the refund should be £5.04, not £5.

And to them I say, go get your coins.

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