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These political Fiat 500 tweets will make you want to scream, a lot

WhY sHouLd My pArenTs pAy taX???

Remember when Fiat 500 Twitter was only about Chinese takeaways and Tango Ice Blasts? Yeah well not anymore. As the General Election is a few weeks away, Fiat 500 Twitter has turned into a cesspit of misinformation. It's just all very yikes.

Here are nine of the worst Fiat 500 tweets that will make you want to rip your hair extensions out:

1. Ah yes, I forgot Stormzy can't *checks notes* express his views?

2. People? who ?don't? earn ?over ?80,000? work ?their arses? off? too?

3. Lol imagine ONLY getting paid £80k a year, when the average salary in this country is £29k

4. Yeah mate, I'm pretty sure that's exactly the same logic here


6. That's… that's not how it works

7. Since when is voting brainwashing? Lmao

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8. Maybe elect a government that would let you earn enough to pay for your own rent!!! Just a thought

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9. Oh god, this really isn't it babes. Here's an idea: all humans are equals and deserve humanity and respect regardless of how much they earn or where they come from.

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