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These are 23 of the most outrageous Depop dramas of all time

‘Sorry for the wait, my friend got shot’


It's a Friday afternoon in October. It's dark and bleak and raining outside. You've just finished packing tiny crop tops and overly-priced chunky trainers in a fake Louis Vuitton holdall to visit Daisie at Manchester Uni. On the Megabus, you gaze out of the window, thinking of all the drugs that will be done this weekend when you realise: "SHIT, I forgot to go to the Post Office." Fuck. This isn't good. Guess Katie from Dorset won't be getting that slightly crumpled yellow dress this weekend and you've already made her wait a few days. The only choice you have left is tell her that your mum died, so you'll post it on Monday.

No. That's a bit much. So instead you say: "Hiya, just to let you know me and my mum were in a brief car accident last night and had to go to a&e, this is not me lying or trying to gain sympathy, I just really like to prioritise fast delivery. I'm so sorry but I will try to ship tomorrow, the absolute latest will be Monday, sorry for any inconvenience."

And then that's how it happened. That's how you ended up on @depopdrama, the Instagram account that posts all the ridiculous shit people come out with on Depop. From obvious lies like friends getting shot as a reason for late delivery to arguments with people trying to blag things for free, this account exposes all.

"I’ve had Depop since 2015, and built a bit of a platform on it for myself," @depopdrama told The Tab, "so I started getting these crazy messages from people and ended up screenshotting them and sending them to my mates."

"Before I knew it, I kind of had a bit of an archive or images of all these messages. I thought, if people I’m surrounded by find them funny, surely others will too, so I started uploading them to Instagram and before I knew it, it began to take off.

"It’s interesting, because now, as I have so many submissions from people sending in messages and I have a weird/niche sense of humour, only 10 per cent of submissions really make the cut."

Depop Drama gets around 400 submissions a week and 80 per cent of them are pretty standard messages. The account started gaining traction when online magazines began to write features on @depopdrama. Celebrities or fashion designers sharing the messages can add a lot of followers too.

A way to tell if a submission is fake is to look at "time stamps, the way it’s written and just the general syntax/grammar of a conversation." Apparently, the "fake ones stick out like a sore thumb."

The person behind @depopdrama won't be revealing their identity. They said they "quite like the idea of creating a bit of a mystique behind the project to keep my audience intrigued." However, they say they're a "young creative based in London working on various design projects."

Depop Drama's all time favourite drama is the time someone paid £12 grand for a bralet. "It just doesn't get better than that", they added. But these are 23 of our favourite. Warning, these will make you snort out loud:

1. Looool told you they were savage

2. Wow ok

3. !!!!!!??????

4. Imagine this happening to you

5. Yeah course she did

6. Shut up x

7. What a fool

8. *Two years later*

9. Ibiza babes xx

10. Chill man

11. Soz man just regained my short-term memory

12. Did anyone ask?

13. Blame the Tories Katie, it's always the Tories

14. I dare you to pay me the full price

15. :p

16. Bit harsh that, we don't choose our bodies

17. RIP x

18. Brilliant

19. LOL apparently follows are worth £5 nowadays

20. Hahaahhaha

21. Ah, toxic masculinity

22. This is the best one

23. When you block your ex on all social media platforms

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